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The 5 Most Innovative Lures and Tackle of 2015

As the holiday season approaches, here's a list of the most innovative tackle of 2015 to consider for the angler in your family.

Sportsmen and women alike know that the holidays are the perfect time to ask for presents that they need year-round for their tackle box or hunting repertoire. This tackle list will be sure to please any angler on your list, regardless of where they fish.

1. Western Fishing Operations Plastics

This bait company understands the versatility of it's product, marketing to both coldwater and warmwater anglers with plastics that will catch everything from Smallmouth Bass to Steelhead. They're also made right in the USA. The standard 3.5" design, also available in 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches, works great fishing on a jighead under a float in a variety of bright colors for steelhead, while also functioning as an excellent drop shot bait for virtually all bass species in more natural colors.

Ryan Sparks holds a spotted bass that took a 3.5" WFO worm fished on a dropshot rig.
Ryan Sparks holds a spotted bass that took a 3.5" WFO worm fished on a dropshot rig.

Along with the standard design, WFO also makes a crawfish pattern that can be fished as is or added to a jig as a trailer. The unique "Scoby" pattern is a versatile sculpin imitation that can be fished a number of ways, but a simple jighead will keep it close to the bottom, where sculpin tend to dwell. The small presentations draw strikes from even the most fickle bass during the winter, while monster winter steelhead will not hesitate to slurp up the larger patterns and plunk a bobber in a hurry.

2. Live Target Sunfish

The Live Target brand Sunfish is a hollow-bodied bait similar to their hollow-bodied topwater frog designs, which are also quite popular products among bass anglers. The design features a double hook with a weighted bottom that allows the lure to sit flat and skim over weeds and pads.


The imitation of a dying sunfish on it's side is a deadly target for hungry bass the lurk beneath the surface. The lure comes in a dozen different colors so you can closely "match the hatch" of forage species in your local body of water. The floating topwater lures come in 3" 7/16 oz. and 3.5" 3/8oz. sizes.

3. Dave's Tangle Free Weights

While there are a few other brands of weights that are designed to snag less, using materials intended to substitute the use of lead, Dave's Tangle Free Weights are Made in the US. Few other products can make that claim, nor do they have the same versatility of design.

Dave's designs are specifically geared towards coldwater and warmwater species. The coldwater set-ups are designed to be fished on drift gear and underneath a bobber for steelhead and salmon, while the dropshot design is specifically made for bass anglers, but is also ideal for vertical jigging multiple species.

4. Boing Lures

Boing lures has many features similar to its popular top-water predecessors. What sets it apart from the rest is the sound: it's designed to stimulate a fish's sound-receptor by creating both high and low spectrum frequencies, unlike any lure on the market. This creates a burst of acoustic information and electrical signals that are conveyed directly to a fish's brain and causes them to react violently.

Extreme Bass Angler

Boing Lure's offers 3 different styles: the G1, a walking bait, that some say resembles a Spook style bait; the G2, which is a popper, but also walks with ease; and the new G3, prop walker with blades on the front and back. Boing Lures are made of a durable Lexan, guaranteed not to break or come apart. The eyelet is pre-tuned for superior walking action. They also feature high quality custom paint and Gamakatsu hooks, including a hand-tied, feathered rear treble.

5. Bite Booster Lures

This hybridized design incorporates multiple lure technologies to form an all-purpose artificial bait unlike its predecessors. It can be vertically jigged like a bladebait. You can cast and retrieve it like a spoon, or troll it like a plug. The profile has very little drag, so it won't ride up to the surface. It's capable of diving deep quickly without sacrificing any of the vibration.


Bite Booster Lures are made of stainless steel and Bismuth, both environmentally conscious materials. An excellent walleye bait, as well as capable of drawing strikes from a multitude of different species. You can watch the videos of the bait's movement in action on their website. It's a very unique presentation that words do little justice.

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The 5 Most Innovative Lures and Tackle of 2015