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These Top 5 Hunting Videos Will Make You Drool [VIDEO]

These five hunting videos will have you running for your favorite firearm and heading out the door.

YouTube user Solvid FIY has made some of the most up-close, in-your-face, and heart-thumping hunting videos that you will ever see.

Kick back and take a few minutes out of your busy day to get beyond psyched for the upcoming hunt we all can’t wait for.

Caution: animals harvested with kill shots in these videos. 


1. Mule Deer Close Enough to Touch.

Did you see the arrow pass through front to back at the 2:20-mark?

An amazing instance for a head-on shot with a bow and the biggest and best reason to always check your harvest animal carefully before field dressing!

2. Winter Archery Hunt for Coyote.


3. Two Grouse with the Same Arrow…?

Two grouse with the same arrow!? Amazing!

4. Unreal POV Upland Bird Hunt.


5. Idaho Buck Gets Drained from 287 Yards Out!

If that doesn’t get you excited to get out there and practice then nothing will!

Hunting season is almost upon us and there’s nothing more exciting than getting out there.

Will you be ready?

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These Top 5 Hunting Videos Will Make You Drool [VIDEO]