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Top 5 Guns For the New Firearm Owner

Choosing your first firearm is always a favorite memory. See which weapons the guys at IV8888 recommend for first-time gun buyers.

The weapons displayed in the video really cover the entry-level weapons that are most common for new shooters. New shooters should definitely entertain all options available to them.

The key thing to remember for beginner shooters is that skills will advance and the rifle or pistol will grow with the shooter.

The Glock and AR15 rifles are very common for beginner shooters because they have the most available aftermarket parts to grow with. The Ruger 10/22 is also a great rifle to start with because the rim fire ammunition is very affordable.

The bolt action rifle may be affordable, but the ammunition can get very expensive quickly especially when shooting match-grade ammunition over greater distances.

One reminder to take into consideration– the new shooter should  be able to afford ammunition to train with. The beginner shooter will need an extensive amount of ammunition to begin developing new skills.

9mm, 22 Long rifle, 45 ACP, and .223 Remington are all affordable rounds to begin training with. Ammunition tends to become cheaper the more you buy in bulk. It is not uncommon for new trainees to be shooting approximately 500 to 1,000 rounds per year. Provided the trainee has more money to train with, that number could dramatically increase.

IV8888 has a valid point when addressing manual safeties in pistols. Manual safeties mentally allow new shooters peace of mind when holding the weapon. Most new shooters feel that if they have a manual safety the gun will never go off.

The reality is that safety is based on experience with weapons and knowing to never touch the trigger until ready to fire. That is quintessentially the first rule that is taught when seeking private instruction.

Purchasing a firearm is the first step to a long journey of firearms safety. The journey can be very rewarding; there is always room to learn more about yourself and your ability to handle a loud and fast weapon. Always remember to ask plenty of questions to experienced personnel.

Talking about firearms safety and firearms handling is always a great topic with close friends and family. When dealing with firearms there is never a dumb question.


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Top 5 Guns For the New Firearm Owner