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Top 5 Guns for The College Student [VIDEO]

Want some ideas for guns for that college bound student? Eric and Chad have you covered.

This video from Iraqvetran8888 shares a list of the Top 5 Guns for the College Student.

In a lot of cases, because of state laws and campus rules, you aren't able to carry a gun on official school property. It's important to note, the video and this website is not condoning bringing guns to school unless it's allowed. These guns are meant for personal protection, something all college students should consider.

So which 5 guns do they recommend?

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The guys break it down of some great options that you can use depending on your situation. Plus they keep costs factors low when recommending these.

I am glad they included at least a Mossburg Shotgun and a pistol caliber carbine, like the Sub2000. I know they are not the top of the line nor the greatest option, but they are a good compromise for when you can't have certain things.

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Top 5 Guns for The College Student [VIDEO]