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Top 5 Glock Commercials [VIDEO]

You don't own a Glock? You just might think again after watching these top 5 Glock commercials.

Gun ownership in America is under attack. Viewpoints and arguments from both sides of the debate rage on from politicians in Washington to the neighbors next door voicing their opinions at the grocery store.

No matter which side of the debate you happen to take, one thing is clear: Glock really hits a bulls-eye with their commercials. These top 5 Glock commercials are meant to be entertaining but they also drive home a point that gun ownership is a fundamental right of our country that will also protect life and liberty when the bad guys come to threaten it. The fact that they all feature R. Lee Ermey with a wonderfully timed tag line at the end, just make them that much better. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Glock commercials.

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#5.  If this video doesn't make you want to high five somebody, then something is wrong with you.  



#4. This one goes out to the boys in blue - There's never been a worse time to rob a diner. 

Source: GunnyRLeeErmey


#3.  Does anybody else play out this scenario in your head any time you walk anywhere...or is that just me?  

Source: advertisingspaceu


#2. The surveillance footage from this store's security cameras would be priceless.

Source: thetopfail1


#1. Here's a lesson bad guys; home invasions just don't work out how they do in your head...

Source: gril fight new

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Pretty funny right? I'm glad they got your attention. Hopefully you pass this along to others because these little scenarios are meant to stir emotion in people that may not necessarily feel the same way you do about guns.

In every scenario, the gun owner's Glock was used to stop violence, not create it. If nothing else, in a responsible gun owner's hand, that is exactly how it should be.

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Top 5 Glock Commercials [VIDEO]