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Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Fly Fishing Angler in Your Life

Here are five great ideas for gifts for the fly fishing enthusiast in your life.

Need some gift ideas for the fly fishing nut in your life, here are five gear ideas that any angler will welcome for the holiday season.

1. Orvis Encounter Complete Fly Outfit

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The Orvis Encounter provides a complete package at a modest price.

Orvis is the Lamborghini of fly fishing gear and I was provided a rod package last year from my dad for Christmas. This four-piece set with reel and line included is simply a pleasure to fish with, and it is easily transportable as it breaks down and fits in a great hard case carrying tube.

2. White River W-R Emerger Fly Tying Bench with Vise, Tools, and Material Kit

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White River provides a portable fly tying bench with all the materials and booklet that will have your loved one tying their own patterns, which is a great way to spend time indoors during the winter months.

There is no greater satisfaction for a sportsperson than catching a trout or fat bass on a fly you have tied yourself. There are a number of quality kits that come with instructions and a workstation to get you set up on any desk or table in your home. With step-by-step instructions you will be tying up some classic flies in no time.

3. Simms Headwaters GORE-TEX Convertible Stockingfoot Waders for Men

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Simms makes excellent products which I have used for years as their waders are high quality and comfortable to wear. They also have a female version, too, which can be found here.

Waders always make a great gift. Ask the fly fishing enthusiast in your life what shape their waders are in, and there’s a very good chance they have a few small leaks and are in need of a replacement. Fly anglers are renowned for holding off until their waders are letting in buckets of water, head this off and hook them up with some new ones.

4. Simms Vapor Wading Boots for Men

Bass Pro Shops

Simms provides lightweight wading boots that are comfortable and provide great traction on those slippery wet rocks. Once again, the version for the ladies can be found here.

Boots are a lot like waders in that I bet the fly angler you know has boots in dire need of replacement. Mine currently have one section of felt being held on by duct tape, hardly conducive to wading over rocks in the stream.

5. White River Fly Shop Knot Tying Tool

Bass Pro Shops

For years, I have tied my own knots the old school way while out on the river, but recently I picked up a nail knot tool that makes the process so much faster and easier and gets you back fishing. The nail knot is one of the most common knots for connecting tippet to fly line so make life easier and pick one of these up. It will make a great stocking stuffer.

There are five ideas for holiday gifts for the fly fishing angler in your family. They will appreciate the thought and it will make them want to get out on the water even more.

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Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Fly Fishing Angler in Your Life