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5 Best Fishing Books

We came up with a list of the 5 best fishing books, and would love to hear your additions. Share them in the comments below.

From bass fishing to fly fishing, instructional manuals to novels, thousands of words have been written and published about fishing over the years. Whether you are first getting into the sport or have been a veteran of the hobby for decades, there is something on our list of the five best fishing books that you will appreciate.

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"Fishing for Dummies" by Greg Schwipps and P. Kaminsky

If you are looking to get into fishing, but haven't got the foggiest idea of where or how to get started, then this book, part of the classic "for dummies" reference series, is the perfect place to start. Don't expect a deep study of any one fishing pursuit; instead, this book offers a survey of what it is to be a successful angler, from gear and wardrobe to fish species and from cleaning the fish to cooking it and preparing it for a meal.

"The Morrow Guide to Knots: For Sailing, Fishing, Camping, Climbing" by Mario Bigon, et al

No matter your outdoor pursuit, this book is a valuable resource to have at your side. Using helpful and colorful illustrations to present a step-by-step guide to nearly every knot under the sun, this book can turn you from a knot amateur into a knot expert in the space of an afternoon.

"Fishing Basics: The Complete Illustrated Guide" by Gene Kugack

Another essential fishing reference guide for both beginners and experts, the book proudly covers baits, lures, rigs, fly tying, casting, ice fishing and countless other fishing topics, all with helpful, full-color illustrations that work to make the secrets of successful fishing accessible to all. Keep it in the glove compartment of your car or in the cabin of your boat, then pull it out whenever you need a refresher on something or whenever you need to teach a rookie angler everything there is to know.

"Knowing Bass: The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish" by Keith A. Jones, PhD

This list wouldn't be complete without a book about bass fishing, and this is one of the best out there. It makes sense that this book is so helpful: Keith A. Jones has devoted his life to the study of bass behavior, and he shares nearly everything he has learned throughout the pages of this book, all in an effort to help anglers everywhere channel that knowledge of bass behavior into greater fish-catching success.

"The River Why" by David James Duncan

Fishing books are about more than reference illustrations and instructional guides. This beautiful coming-of-age novel has become a classic, not just in the fishing community, but in the literature world in general. Following the tale of fly fisherman Gus Orviston, "The River Why" is a stirring examination of fishing escapism, growing up, and the value of the natural world. Take it on the fishing boat along with "A River Runs Through It," another classic fishing novel, and lose yourself in the beautiful prose during the hours when the fish aren't biting.

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5 Best Fishing Books