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My Top 5 Dream Hunts Before I Kick the Bucket [PICS]


We all have those dream hunts we see on TV shows or desire game that just looks fun to hunt that’s not available in your area.

Unfortunately for most of us traveling around the county or world, outfitting ourselves with new equipment for one hunt, and paying a guide to help us just isn’t possible. Especially someone like myself who is young and raising a family of five. Someday when I have paid my dues and my kids are grown I hope I get the chance to set out and complete these five dream hunts.

 5. Hunting Moose in the Alaskan Wilderness

I have always wanted to head up to Alaska and just explore the untouched wilderness it offers. I don’t think I could ever go without being able to take a shot at hunting moose. The reason why I want to do this in Alaska is the fact that it is really the last place you can really get out somewhere and hunt with game that have hardly any human contact.


 4. Wild American Bison with a .54 Caliber Muzzle Loader

This is one that has been a long-time dream of mine ever since I started reading into the history of mountain men and the expansion of the United States out West. There are only four places in the country that offer any sort of chance to hunt these giant beasts that used to roam most of the United States by the thousands.

I guess I could pay to go to a farm to take one down, but where is the fun in that? I would like to take hunt them with a .54 caliber muzzle loader just like it was back in the day. Heck, I might even go out and buy clothing from the era just to complete the fantasy.


3. Big Horn Sheep

I think I would like to hunt one of these from the high mountains of Colorado. Just seems like it would be a lot of fun and a little precarious to backpack and track them through the steep mountains while getting to enjoy the amazing scenery it has to offer. Not to mention if would be really cool to have some of those horns mounted up on my living room wall with a photo of me below it standing on a mountain top with my trophy.


2. Elk Bull with a Longbow

Fortunate for me this is one that may well happen very soon as we have a small elk population here in Kentucky. I have entered the lottery for the last two years and haven’t been drawn yet. There is just something so majestic about elk and the weird calls they make. Something has just always driven me to want to take one down and with a longbow preferably. Just wish me luck that my number pops next year and I get to fulfill this one and write all about it.


1. Take Down a Red Stag in New Zealand

My number one dream hunt is to go after a red stag over in New Zealand. Mainly because is would be cool to go on a hunt outside of the country and see what it’s like elsewhere. I may have to settle on a trip down to Texas to try my luck though. I just love the sounds they make and would kill to here that in the woods in person. I would love to make a few knife handles from their huge, crazy racks to remember the event, if I ever get to go.


I just can’t wait to begin going after these five game animals and the experiences they will bring with them. They will make some awesome stories to share with my future grandchildren around a campfire when I take them out on their first hunts.



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My Top 5 Dream Hunts Before I Kick the Bucket [PICS]