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Top 5 Classic Concealed Carry Gun Choices

Concealed carry is becoming a more important issue more than ever before. Check out these top 5 classic carry gun options.

Who doesn't love guns? And who doesn't love classics? So why wouldn't you want to know what the top 5 classic carry guns are?

According to the video makers, in the 80s and 90s, concealed carry enjoyed a renaissance that produced a slew of excellent and affordable handguns for the common man. However beginning in the early 20th century the carry of small, affordable semi-automatic pistols began to really gather steam. In this video list, we explore five of the most popular vintage options.

A lot goes into what makes these top 5 the best. Size, affordability, style, safety location, magazine capacity and so on. Hopefully one can fit what you like and you can help protect our country and yourself from possible tragedy.

To qualify as a classic, the pistol had to be designed in the 1920's or before.

The list of incredible classic pistols includes the FN Model 1900, Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless, Savage 1907, Mauser 1914, and last but not least the Walther PP.

All superb options and really cool classic guns. As stated in the video, his personal favorite is the Walther PP and for good reason. It is a beautiful gun.

Watch the video and hear what he says about each gun. One might find a special place in your heart. Then you can look to carry one of these awesome guns.

Which one would you like?


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Top 5 Classic Concealed Carry Gun Choices