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Top 5 Bows Under $500

We came up with a list of the best archery bows under $500. Who says the sport has to be expensive?

The bowhunting market has arguably never been in better shape than it is right now, with a wide range of companies consistently offering up innovative bows that push the envelope with state of the art features and sleek aesthetics.

Unfortunately, the economy still isn't in great shape, meaning that many of us are still having to hunt on a shoestring budget each season.

Luckily, bow manufacturers have responded by offering budget-conscious, consumer-driven models that bring great bowhunting innovations to buyers with less than $500 to spare for a new weapon. Here are five of our favorite sub-$500 bows.

1) Bear Archery Mauler: We are quite fond of the bows offered by Bear in general, largely because of their modest pricing. This bow fits just under the $500 cut-off, but is well worth maxing out your budget for. With a shooting speed of 328 feet per second and a compact, lightweight design, this weapon will honestly suit any bowhunter, even if you do have more money to spend on your flagship bow. Perhaps the best thing about it is the dual string dampeners, which help to eliminate vibrations that might throw off your accuracy.

Bows-under-500---bear-archeyPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

2) RedHead Kronik XT Compound Bow:  A quiet and capable bow, the RedHead Kronik is durable and features a great camo pattern.  Sophisticated parallel limb technology stores maximum energy for high speeds and great accuracy. A five-arrow quiver keeps your ammo where you need it, and it's one of the highest-rated bows from Bass Pro Shops customers.The 305 feet per second speed isn't the highest, but is plenty fast enough to get the job done.

bows-under-500---redhead-kronik-XTPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

3) Quest by G5 Bliss DTH: Don't let the compact design fool you; this bow by G5 packs a punch that would rival a weapon twice its price. It shoots arrows at 315 feet per second, and weighs just over 4 pounds. A special "Fluid Cam" combines with a parallel limb design and a brace head longer than normal, producing an effortless draw and extremely forgiving shot. The best part? RealTree did the camo pattern, and we all know how good RealTree is.

bows-under-500---questPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

4) Parker Eagle Bow: Coming in below $300, the Parker Eagle is a bargain hunter's dream. After capturing the bargain, there's little left to do to start the hunt. A solid 310 feet per second speed will down big game, and you'll swear you're using a more expensive bow once you start bringing home your trophies. An adjustable string suppressor and draw stop make things customizable for hunters of different shapes and sizes. It weighs less than 4 pounds and is a great starter bow for any hunter eager to get more performance for the price.

Bows-under-500---parker-eaglePhoto via The Sportsman's Guide

5) Parker Velocity Compound Bow: The brand calls the Velocity their "entry-level" bow, perfect for beginners but still including features sought after by experienced hunters. It's a very smooth and easy-to-use weapon that can outperform more expensive versions on many levels. The 315 feet per second speed is tough to beat, and its adjustable draw ranges from 50 to 70 pounds. Weighing in at 4 pounds, 3 ounces, it's one of the lighter bows out there. 

bows-under-500---parker-velocity-compoundPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Top 5 Bows Under $500