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The Top 5 Bowhunting Podcasts

What's your favorite bowhunting podcast?


There are a plethora of different podcasts out there that help firearm fanatics and gun hunters stay informed and entertained, but if you're looking for free online radio shows that focus specifically on bowhunting and archery, you're probably going to have to dig a bit deeper.

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With that in mind, we've put together a list of our five favorite archery-related podcasts on the web. Be sure to put these in rotation this spring and summer as you gear up for another autumnal bowhunting blow-out.

View the slideshow to see the top bowhunting podcasts on the Web.

1. Bowhunt or Die 

If you do a Google search for "best bowhunting podcast," chances are that this intensely-titled radio show is the first thing you're going to find. There's a good reason for that: over the course of four seasons (the most recent of which concluded at the end of January), the Bowhunt or Die guys have established themselves as some of the best podcasters in the game, not just in the archery niche, but in the outdoor sports category as a whole.

As you'll learn from the description for the podcast in iTunes, Bowhunt or Die seeks to offer comprehensive "year in the life" coverage of what hunting means to people who really love it. Traditionally, the show starts its seasons in May and wraps them in January, taking listeners from spring turkey hunting and pre-season deer hunting preparations through to the actual fall and winter deer hunts.

Loaded with tips, tricks, action-packed stories, insight and advice from bowhunting industry experts, and much, much more, Bowhunt or Die should be the first podcast on your list if you've been looking to engage more with archery.

2. Bow Junky 

You can't go wrong with Bowhunt or Die, but if you are looking for a podcast that is publishing new episodes now rather than waiting until May for Bowhunt or Die to get underway again, then the new Bow Junky podcast might be a good place to look. The Bow Junky website has been focusing on archery industry news for awhile now, but the podcast - alternatively titled "Junkyard Talk" - is only 43 episodes into its run and has been working on an "every couple of days" publication schedule throughout 2014.

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Where Bowhunt or Die is great if you want to here tips and stories from bowhunters who are working their way through the hunting season just like you are, Bow Junky presents an entirely different draw: event coverage. Since its inception, the podcast has been on the scene at most every major archery competition. So if you want to stay up-to-day with the latest news in tournament archery - or if you want to here on-sight interviews with a slew of professional and amateur archers - then this is the podcast for you.

3. Petersen's Bowhunting Radio 

Hosted by Christian Berg, the editor of Bowhunting magazine, it goes without saying that Petersen's Bowhunting Radio is one of the highest quality, most professional archery podcasts out there.

The show is generally built around interviews with big names in the bowhunting and archery industries, from professional hunters and shooters to CEOs of major archery companies. The versatility in guest starts leads to content that is always fresh, diverse, and interesting, whether you're learning about archery tips from a competitive professional, technological advances from a leader in the compound bow manufacturing industry, or anything in between.

The podcast doesn't publish as frequently as Bow Junky has in 2014, or as regularly as Bowhunt or Die does when in season, but the backlog is worth exploring, especially if your main motivation is to learn about the most recent product developments in the archery marketplace. If you are shopping for a new bow or a new type of arrows, this podcast is the best one out there to help you pick out the right purchase.

4. Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast 

Compound archers shouldn't get all of the podcasts. At least, that's the belief behind this intriguing and unique program, which focuses on hunting with traditional bows and archery methods.

The podcast, which generally publishes once a week, covers everything from basic knowledge (shooting form fundamentals, tips for bowhunting smaller game animals, etc.) to interesting and unique DIY lessons (how to make your own arrows, what to use duct tape for in bowhunting, etc.). On the whole, it's one of the most interesting podcasts to follow in the hunting realm, largely because it's nearly impossible to guess what the subject will be each week.

5. Nock On 

Like Bow Junky, Nock On is a newer podcast that has made a point of speeding out of the gate.

Since publishing its first episode on February 24 of this year, Nock On has accumulated 15 episodes. Host John Dudley is a professional archer who also helps to coach newcomers in the sport, and he's been a pleasure to listen to thus far. If Dudley keeps up the feverish pace that he's kept up to this point, then Nock On could easily become one of the most revered archery podcasts on the web.

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For the most part, Dudley talks the technical side of bowhunting here, giving insight on newly release products and recent developments in archery equipment technology. However, Nock On is more than just a tech podcast, an Dudley's guest stars, his tips on shooting form alignment, and his advice for how to get the whole family in on the archery fun are just a few additional reasons to listen.

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The Top 5 Bowhunting Podcasts