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Top 5 Best Selling Glocks for Concealed Carry

Florida Gun Supply sorted through its sales data and customer feedback and compiled a list of the top five best selling Glocks for concealed carry.


We’ll show you the top 5 best Glocks for concealed carry and also explain some of the differences in the Glock Generation 3 vs Generation 4 models.

Choosing the best carry gun is one of the most important choices a person who values human life as much as we concealed carriers do. This could literally change the outcome of a self-defense situation – so make sure you choose your concealed carry gun wisely.

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We feel confident that our sales data and customer feedback have enabled us to compile a list of extremely trusted Glocks.

You can find these and other guns at our online gun store, Florida Gun Supply.


Do you carry a different Glock than we’ve featured here? Make sure to add a comment below and explain why you chose your gun.

View the slideshow for our picks. Be safe, and carry often.

Glock 42

The Glock 42 is Glock’s newest model – hitting the market in 2014. This extremely sought-after .380 pocket pistol is said to be similar to a normal sized Glock that has been put through the dryer and shrunk!

Our customers have said that one of their primary reasons for buying this gun for concealed carry is that it fits extremely nicely in the hand, and features the standard sized magazine release for easier access during reloading.

This has been rated one of the best .380’s on the market in regards to reliability, as most .380 concealed carry guns have been said to jam more often than larger calibers.

Pros from Customer Feedback:

  • Size (it can easily fit in your back pocket)
  • Reliability over most other .380 pocket pistols
  • Superior trigger pull than any other .380 we’ve tested

Cons from Customer Feedback:

  • Extremely hard to find (most dealers only get allocated a few at a time)
  • Some concealed carriers don’t trust the .380’s stopping power

Price: $462

Glock 19 Gen 4

Based on feedback from our concealed carry customers, the Glock 19 9mm has the perfect size frame for self-defense, and is definitely not too big for most body frames. Depending on the type of clothes our customers are wearing, the Glock 19 is said to be pretty easy to conceal.

Is the Gen 4 really worth it? Most of our customers say yes.

We have heard from our customers that the Gen 4 has an upgraded grip to it which gives it a better feel in your hand – plus increased control of the Glock. This allows the potential for a more accurate shot placement if you are in a hurry. Add to it the internal changes, the interchangeable back straps, and the extra magazine – it feels like a great deal.

Pros from Customer Feedback:

  • Larger frame adds more potential for accurate shot placement in a hurry
  • 15+1 round capacity (you’ll never need more bullets!)

Cons from Customer Feedback:

  • Larger frame can sometimes make it more difficult to conceal than a smaller Glock
  • Difficulty finding ammo in the current market conditions

Price: $556

Glock 26 9mm

Since it’s release in 1994, the Glock 26 has been one of the best selling concealed carry guns on the market. The Glock 26 is a 9mm, which means you won’t have to worry about stopping power.

The next size down from the Glock 19 frame, the Glock 26 is easier to conceal in almost any attire or time of year. It’s never going to run out of ammo because it holds 10 rounds in the magazine and an 11th round in the chamber.

Did we mention that the Gen 4 Glocks have a double recoil spring? This makes the gun smoother and faster which can lead to increased performance in a self defense situation.

Pros from Customer Feedback:

  • The smaller frame size makes it much easier to conceal
  • This gun has a whopping 10+1 round capacity so you’ll never run out of bullets

Cons from Customer Feedback:

  • Sometimes shooters cannot place their “pinkie” finger on the frame, which they complain may cause accuracy issues
  • Moderate difficulty finding 9mm ammunition that is in stock

Price: $556

Glock 30S 9mm

The Glock 30S is a .45 like no other. It features a slimmer slide than most .45ACPs, and still has a capacity over that of most .45’s. A 10+1 round capacity in this size gun is great!

In the last few slides, you may have read our positive thoughts on buying Glock’s Gen 4 over the Gen 3 models. In the case of the Glock 30S, when we have this much stopping power, we don’t necessarily need that extra magazine (or increased cost!) of the Gen 4.

Remember: All Glock pistols come with Glock’s time-tested polymer frames, the “Safe Action Trigger System” which made Glock famous, and the reputation that comes with the brand name.

Pros from Customer Feedback:

  • Superior stopping power over the 9mm or the .380 rounds
  • The 10+1 capacity in a .45 is a huge bonus
  • Going with the Gen 3 means you can save some extra money for ammo

Cons from Customer Feedback:

  • The .45 round can be a challenging round for new concealed carriers to master without a good amount of practice
  • The cost of .45 when compared to the cost of 9mm or .380
  • Moderate difficulty finding .45 ammunition

Price: $562

Glock 27 Gen 4

There’s something utterly relaxing knowing that you can pretty much always find the ammunition you need for your primary concealed carry gun. Unlike .380s, 9mms, and .45s, .40S&W rounds can almost always be found in stock in almost all gun stores, Wal-Marts, and other retailers that sell ammunition. That’s why the Glock 27 made this list.

Due to the popularity of other concealed carry guns, and the relatively late entry the .40S&W had into the gun world, other rounds are more desired rounds. But in our tests, we didn’t notice a drastic difference in recoil in the .40 caliber vs the 9mm, which means you can be just as accurate on in either caliber.

I’ve changed my own concealed carry choice to a .40 lately due to the ammo shortage. I never want to worry if I can find extra ammo to practice with. Practice often.

Pros from Customer Feedback:

  • Ammunition can be readily found
  • Increased stopping power vs the 9mm or the .380
  • The Gen 4 means you get an extra magazine

Cons from Customer Feedback:

  • Most concealed carriers don’t like change and so don’t often get much experience with the .40 cal
  • If you are changing from a 9mm to a .40 cal, the small amount of increased recoil may take a bit of getting used to

Price: $556

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