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The Top 5 Bear Hunt Videos from Around the Web [VIDEO]

Bear Hunt Videos

These bear hunt videos will keep you on the edge of your seat!

These top five amazing bear hunts are suspenseful and thrilling. But of course, these hunters are talented and driven to get their bears!

Watch the clips and let us know which was your favorite.

1) Up Close and Personal

In this hunt, the hunters take their chances and spend sometime taking photos before they shoot. The suspense is thick as you wait and hope they don’t lose the opportunity! (Via MAP Sporting Goods)

2) One Perfectly Placed Arrow

This hunter’s patience is rewarded! He gets a clean shot at the bear and you can see the arrow’s perfect placement. (Via A1ArcheryTV)

3) One-Shot Boat Hunting

These hunters choose to travel by boat to find secluded black bears in Vancouver. They choose to go after old male black bears because they eat cubs and shooting them increases the bear population in the long run. (Via Ron Spomer)

4) Grizzly Trackers

These hunters take you with them as they prepare for a tough grizzly bear hunt. Their preparation pays off! (Via Stuck N The Rut)

5) Record Book Grizzly Bear

In this amazing video, these hunters shoot enormous grizzly bear several times before it tumbles down the mountain. It takes a LOT to take this monster bear down! (Via TheRAWOutdoors)

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The Top 5 Bear Hunt Videos from Around the Web [VIDEO]