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Top 5 .45 1911 Pistols You Should Have in Your Gun Vault [PICS]

Get a piece of American history for the firearms enthusiast in your life. Especially one made in America, like the 1911 automatic pistol.

John Browning knew what he was doing when he developed this automatic over 100 years ago, and the engineering still stands the test of time.

This is the time to own a part of American military history. These five 1911 models are some of the best .45 Automatic Colt pistols that you can buy.

1. The Kimber Custom II

This is one of the best entry level 1911s, and has many of the custom features you would expect from an after-market pistol.

Its match-grade steel five-inch barrel and bushing work like silk to produce the accuracy that these .45s are famous for, and it is modestly priced for those just breaking into the 1911 market.

Bass Pro/Kimber Custom II
Bass Pro/Kimber Custom II

2.  Para Expert Semi-Auto

This is the first .45 1911 I bought, priced right but made by craftsman, one at a time.

It encompasses the great features of Para USA’s more premium 1911s. Renowned for their innovative double stack .45s, this is a throwback to the classic single-stack models.

Bass Pro/Para Expert
Bass Pro/Para Expert

3. Kimber Super Carry Pro

With a four-inch length barrel and lightweight aluminum frame, this premium pistol is built for carry duties.

Its lightweight design and shorter length make is exceptionally portable, and the quality craftsmanship ensures you have one of the best made 1911s in America.

Bass Pro/Kimber Super Pro Carry
Bass Pro/Kimber Super Pro Carry

4. Para Black OPS 14.45

This is the next step up for Para USA. For those who desire a more tactically designed 1911, this pistol has night-enhanced sight alignment, a match-grade trigger, and specialized handgrips that are not affected by moisture.

The exterior surfaces are specially coated to resist corrosion. This is one robust .45.

download (4)
Bass Pro/Para Black Ops

5. Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II Pistol

This carefully crafted 1911 is ideal for home defense or carry. It is also highly sought after by law enforcement as a service pistol.

It melds Kimber quality with a Crimson Trace Lasergrip for increased accuracy in stressful situations or on the range. It is a quality firearm that will significantly improve shooting skills, and all at a great value.

download (6)
Bass Pro/Kimber Pro Crimson Carry

The 1911 is the iconic gun that has a storied past in American history and you should definitely have at least one in your vault.

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Top 5 .45 1911 Pistols You Should Have in Your Gun Vault [PICS]