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Top 4 Guns Everyone Should Own

Many hunters and shooting enthusiasts have a large collection of guns, each with a specific use and purpose.

How many guns do you have? Not enough, right?

Different firearms serve different uses, but some can't be used as universally as others. Hunting and self-defense are our primary concerns with this short list of the top four guns everyone should own.

1. 12 gauge shotgun


Whether you are shooting clay pigeons, protecting your home, or hunting large or small game, nothing compares with the versatility of a 12 gauge shotgun. This adaptability is what sets the 12 gauge apart from other guns and puts it at the top of the list.

Some guns, like the Mossberg Flex 500, are made to easily swap barrels and stocks. This allows users to have a gun perfectly suited for the waterfowl blind in the morning, the deer stand in the afternoon, and home protection at night. Modifications can be made in a matter of minutes with Mossberg's patented Tool-Less Locking System.

Shooters looking for a more traditional, tried and true option will want to check out Remington's 870 Express. The 870, in production for almost 60 years, has outlasted most guns by a long shot. Like the Mossberg, the 870 can be outfitted with different barrels for different hunting and shooting situations.

Whatever model you choose, a 12 gauge should definitely be a part of your arsenal. It will put down game animals from squirrels to moose and is also a good option for home protection. These guns are truly jacks of all trades.


2. .22 Long Rifle

There is no better way to become a better shot than practice, and there is no way to practice that is as inexpensive and more fun than shooting a .22 long rifle.

At one time, nearly every young sportsman or woman received a .22 as their first gun. Lots of fine marksmen cut their teeth on tin cans, squirrels, and other small game. This trend seems to have tapered off, and that's too bad.

The .22 long rifle has virtually no recoil and only a mild report, making it perfect for introducing new shooters to the sport. Skills learned shooting a .22 like trigger squeeze, breath control and follow through carry over when shooters pick up more powerful guns, making for more accurate shooting.

.22s come in a number of actions including: single shot, pump, lever, bolt actions and semi-auto. Hunters buying their first .22 can't go wrong with a semi-auto Ruger 10/22 or any of the Marlin's options.

If you don't have a .22 in your collection you are missing one of the best training tools available to shooters and more importantly, a lot of inexpensive fun. Go out and get yourself one today.


3. Centerfire rifle


When distance and accuracy matter most, and you're in need of pulling out a high-performer, a centerfire rifle is the way to go.

You don't need a .500 Nitro express. A .270 on the light side or a .300 Winchester Magnum on the heavy side is just right. A rifle in this power range can down any big game animal in North America and nearly any animal in the world.

Action is a personal preference, but bolt actions have set the standard for accuracy and reliability. The rifle should be topped with a variable power scope to handle different hunting situations. A 2x7, 3x9, or 4x12 power scope will provide a large field of view for chasing brush country whitetails or hogs, while offering enough magnification to confidently kill a bull elk or dall sheep at 350 yards.

Those looking for a deal should check out the Ruger American rifle. With guaranteed minute of angle accuracy, this gun is sure to do the trick no matter what game you are chasing.

For buyers seeking a more custom look and feel, Kimber America offers high end guns with prices to match.

A versatile high-powered rifle will take game from coast to coast and around the world. You might just find a new best friend in this gun.


4. Handgun

Jeff Cooper, the father of handgun defense training, once said, "The number one rule in a gunfight... have a gun."

Handguns are portable, concealable, and easily produced in case of emergency. Placed in a holster, purse, or nightstand, they offer constant protection like no other type of firearm.

Those seeking something small and light for concealed carry should look at a Springfield Armory XD-S, while those looking for a nightstand gun might check out the Taurus Judge. Both have enough knock down power to subdue an intruder or would-be attacker before you or your family gets hurt.

Among gun lovers, the debate on which guns are the best will continue to rage, but those equipped with these four types of guns are prepared to hunt anything and defend themselves if necessary. What more you could want in a gun collection than that?

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Top 4 Guns Everyone Should Own