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Top 3 Fish Fillet Knives on the Market

Don’t neglect the important task that comes after a day on the water, and check out the best fish fillet knives you can buy.

When it comes to fishing, many will neglect the important task of filleting. Their half-cocked attempts will leave too much meat on the bone, or worse, too many bones in the meat. Although technique comes into play, having the right tools can make your life easier. Before purchasing a fillet knife, you’ll want to look for three key points.

  1. Fillet knives are designed for different lengths of fish. Ensure the blade you’re buying matches what you’re working with. A 5-inch knife is going to make filleting a larger fish more of an ordeal than reeling it in, and a 12-inch blade could destroy your smaller catch.
  2. Blade quality is also important. Stainless steel is recommended because of its ability to hold an edge, but that doesn’t disqualify other alloys from making the cut. You need the knife to stay as sharp as possible in order to get that perfect fillet, so buying a knife that can be sharpened is a must. The blade also needs a durability to match the knife you’d take into the wilderness.
  3. Personal style of use should also be considered. If the knife is only out at the end of the day when you’re cleaning your catch, a sheathed fixed blade will work fine. If you’d rather have one in your kit, buy a folder. Test the handle out, if you can, to see if the grip matches your style of grip.

There are hundreds of tools for filleting fish available. Here are some of the best knives you can find for turning a catch into dinner.

Wusthof 7-Inch


As far as quality knives go, the Wusthof 7-inch fillet knife will surpass most of your needs. it is made of a precision, high-carbon steel that holds an edge for much longer than its competitors. The handle is ergonomic, giving you a comfortable grip that’s conducive to a sure cut. The Wusthof is about $100, but know that your money is well spent.

Havalon Baracuta 5-Inch


The Havalon Baracuta is less than half the cost of the Wusthof, but still offers great quality. The Baracuta has a Japanese micro-honed stainless steel blade that can be removed and replaced. The knife weighs 3 ounces, making it easy to control for narrow slicing. The blade’s durability and edge are more than impressive, allowing owners to not only fillet fish, but clean deer and butcher pork.

For such a reasonable price, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular knives on the market. It’s great for all skill levels, has an ingenious design and will manage numerous fish before needing to be sharpened.

Rapala Electric


If you’re looking for a faster way to slice through a large volume of fish, look no further than the Rapala Electric Fillet Knife. This blade is operated through a power cord or lithium ion battery and is designed to make filleting your fish even easier.

The blade reciprocates at the touch of a trigger, giving you an effortless slice that’s controlled and fast. The ease and speed this knife offers turns dreadful hours of filleting into more time spent enjoying your food. For a reasonable price, this gadget can make a great addition to your filleting kit.



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Top 3 Fish Fillet Knives on the Market