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Top 3 Featureless Rifles That California Owners Must See

Here are some featureless guns that you'll want to check out.

Gov. Browns recently passed rifle bans are going to make purchasing firearms more difficult in California. See the 3 best featureless rifles to get and avoid that pesky assault weapons registration.

The Ruger Mini 14, is arguably one of the best all around rifles that is chambered in the 5.56 cartridge. The Ruger Ranch Rifle accepts traditional AR15 magazines that are a huge advantage to those who already own the AR15 rifle. Also keeping a rifle that is chambered in the same cartridge keeps your ammunition purchases consistent.

The Remington 700 chambered in either .223 or .308 is also a solid self defense platform. The 700 can also be ordered with a 16.5 inch barrel for those that want to keep some type of close quarter use out of a bolt action. Accuracy is exceptional from the free floating barrel and when chambered in the .308 configuration you can reach out to 1000 yards and get a consistent group with a quality scope. You also have several different choices for stocks and can customize the rifle as you see fit.

The Springfield M1A is the fighting choice in high end battle rifles. Chambered in .308 the M1A comes in several different barrel lengths. Considering that this rifle is semi auto and is chambered in .308 you can stop many different threats with the heavy caliber. While it is a little on the heavy side, its only to be expected when using heavier bullets compared to the .223. The M1A is definitely one of my dream guns and has proved itself in combat settings to be a very effective battle rifle.


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Top 3 Featureless Rifles That California Owners Must See