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3 Unexpected Weapons That Could Save Your Life

Equipment versatility is one of the most vital aspects of survival. Unfortunately, too many people overlook this simple strategy that could make the difference between life and death. 

People fill their bug out bags with all types of food, weapons, and other survival gear. However, sometimes they overlook the most important things that could save their lives. When it comes to equipment, there’s no limit to the number of items you could find.

However, when it comes to equipment, we need to focus on essential equipment and not just the coolest and latest in the world of survival gear. The following items meet our single litmus test. Is it versatile? It’s not enough to have a weapon, it must serve other purposes.

1. Tactical pen with firestarter

Blade HQ

A tactical pen is an obvious choice for day to day defense, but why would we include it in a list of essential tools and weapons for your bug out bag? Easy, this isn’t your normal pen.

The Tactical Survival Pen by Schrade scores an A- on our litmus test. It serves the obvious use as a writing utensil, but this particular pen also has an emergency pen and a fire starter. Not to mention that as a tactical pen, it can be utilized as a weapon.

Held in the with your thumb on the whistle end, the pen tip can be driven into an assailants eyes, temple, groin, throat or any number of soft locations. The one thing it is missing is a DNA catcher at the whistle end. While we may not care about DNA samples, these catchers also serve as a weapon.

2. M48 tactical shovel

United Cutlery

Once again, versatility is of utmost importance and this shovel from United Cutlery leads the way. It comes with a mostly polymer handle which stands up to even the harshest of conditions. The entire tool is coated with a non-reflective paint.

The M48 also has both a concave chopping edge as well as a partially serrated edge for cutting. The blade is sharpened to a razor edge allowing for both a better penetration when digging and a strong defensive tool.

Check out this great short video of the M48 Tactical Shovel in use.

3. Paracord-wrapped pry bar

paracord wrapped pry bar

While these are available at various websites, my suggestion is to go down to the closest hardware store and pickup yours for much less. Paracord is easy to come by and you can generally buy these basic pry bars in either a single or multiple pack.

The pry bar has any number of uses. They include opening tight lids, prying stones, screwdriver, nail remover, and when sharpened…a stabbing weapon. The resourceful person can even grind the edge to a slicing blade on the larger bars.



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3 Unexpected Weapons That Could Save Your Life