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Top 25 Brands at SHOT Show 2014

Brands and outdoor companies use the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show as an opportunity to not only rub shoulders with the biggest names in the biz, but also to unveil the best of the best firearms, tactical equipment, knives and more before they officially hit stores.

We wanted to break down the list of brand exhibitors for you in preparation for our own Wide Open Spaces SHOT Show coverage. If you are interested in learning more about one of these companies, leave a comment and we’ll be sure to try and get a few words and more information for you.

Here are the top 25 brands at SHOT Show, and a little about what they have in store for the next week’s worth of new products and announcements.

1. Beretta

ksc_m92_elite_beretta_box_wallpaper_hd-normalImage via:

The Italian firearms maker will be at SHOT Show, sharing its newest handguns, rifles, airguns and more. They aren’t just showing off their guns, but also holding webinars and keeping their fans in the know with live updates from the show.

2. Winchester

Winchester_006.jpgbce2093d-97cb-4fa5-8aed-73e37515aaeeLargeImage via: TurboSquid

New arrivals and the latest from a gun leader will be on display at the Winchester booth. The company always uses SHOT Show as a chance to offer up great trade show specials, including some of the most unique — and sometimes the rarest — of all Winchester guns.

3. Glock Inc.

glock-21-with-two-sided-mag-release-and-pic-railImage via:

The G42 from Glock could take the cake as the most anticipated unveiling happening all week, especially in the law enforcement space. It’s the smallest gun the company has ever made, and ideal for concealed carry, according to Glock.

4. Colt Firearms

ColtGM_C88578aImage via:

The Colt booth should be busy this year, with the M2012 magnum caliber rifle on display. The big-bore basis of the M2012 are giving large caliber rifles much more accuracy, something COlt is sure to tout at the show.

5. Smith & Wesson

SmithWessonMP9Shield_001Image via:

A Platinum sponsor of the show, Smith & Wesson has been a mainstay at the biggest gathering of firearm folk for a long time. Rest assured that they’ll have plenty to show off, and will be hosting “Inside the Chamber,” a live broadcast from Las Vegas.

6. Remington Arms

lovett26n-1-webImage via:

The Remington R51 is making waves as a small and compact handgun set to be introduced at this year’s SHOT Show, as well as the Versa Max-3 shotgun. With waterfowl hunting joining deer in the spotlight more than ever, an emphasis on shotguns will be seen throughout the show.

7. ArmaLite

armalite-ar-30a1_004Image via:

The bolt-action gunmaker is bringing a brand new AR-31 rifle to SHOT Show, one that’s more capable than you could imagine. The gun’s versatility allows it to accept Armalite’s AR-10B double-stack magazines, meaning it can use 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 round mags. With a $3,460 price tag, the AR-31 makes a great addition to Armalite’s already expansive line of powerful firearms.

8. Pulsar

pulsar-digisight-n750Image via:

The thermal imaging monocular line from Pulsar has been a hot item, and they’ll be providing dealers with plenty of enticing reasons why they should be in their stores. The introductions of the HSQ19 and the LSQ19 will happen at the show, continuing their innovative product creation as a leading optics company.

9. Walther Arms

771px-WaltherPPK-EImage via:

Introducing two new products and plenty of previously-unveiled items, Walther Arms will be holding a special news conference to announce their latest developments. We’ll be interested to see what’s in store.

10. Weatherby

Buck's Weatherby 017Image via:

Count on a lot coming out of Weatherby at the show, including the Mark V Terramark rifle, and the PA-459 TR Pump Shotgun. Also, a number of the brand’s shooting team members will be in attendance.

11. Realtree

camo-image-ap-2Image via:

The popular camo company is spreading out into several exhibitor booths at SHOT Show, necessary to show off all their great line of now you see me, now you don’t technology.

12. SOG


Hunting knives from SOG have remained must-haves since they hit the scene, but with the newest products unveiled this week at SHOT Show, the brand may just set itself apart from competitors for good.  A new Trident Elite knife for EMTs and the expanded line of Blade Lights (fixed blade knives with LED lights) are just a couple of the cool stuff SOG will have at the show.

13. Gerber

3097Image via:

Continuing the knife theme, Gerber made the cut as a must-see in past SHOT Shows, and this year should prove no different. Plus, it’s not just knives, but tomahawks and machetes will certainly be opening eyes wide as well.

14. Outdoor Channel

hero_outdoorImage via:

With new media channels hitting the broadcasts and Internet almost weekly, the Outdoor Channel is doing its best to stay atop the mountain of high-quality outdoor videography and show themes. They’ll be in attendance with plenty of show personalities on hand for meet and greets.

15. Leupold

tumblr_my14bgjYPA1rx3xdko1_500hImage via:

Optics are Leupold’s game, and we’re betting several new lines of glasses and scopes will be unveiled during the week. Their pro staff will be in attendance, including Jim Shockey, host of the Outdoor Channel’s “Jim Shockey’s The Professionals.”

16. Bushmaster Firearms

bushmasterImage via:

In the news for not exactly all the best reasons, Bushmaster will be pleased to be amongst peers at this year’s SHOT Show. Look for some new products and announcements out of the military, home defense, competitive shooting and hunting firearm company.

17. J.G. Anschutz

ff2322Image via:

The small and large-bore hunting rifles that come out of the German company Anschutz are popular for hunting, but you’ll also find them being used by competitive shooters in the 50 m rifle event in the Summer Olympics, as well as the Winter Olympic biathlon. In fact, the retired namesake of the company, Dieter Anschutz, will be on hand to mingle with attendees and share insight on how the brand became so dominant in the world of competitive shooting.

18. Armasight

Armasight-Discovery-8-04-04-bImage via:

Armasight is bringing their line of optics to SHOT Show 2014, including the Thermal rifle scope and the Drone-Pro digital rifle scope. They’ll also share some of their top-quality Night Vision, Laser Aiming and Illumination Tools and other precision optics.

19. Southern Crossbows

05Image via:

Southern Crossbow burst on the scene and brought some exciting products with them, and will continue to roll out great stuff at this year’s SHOT Show. The Rebel 350 is one to look for on stores shelves, combining a classic crossbow design with plenty of modern tactical features.

20. Inteliscope

inteliscopesImage via:

With a number of debuts in the Inteliscope line, the press room will be busy at SHOT Show as the company reveals a pro version of their weapon-mounted digital multi tool, a new video record function and an Android-friendly smartphone app.

21. Desert Tech

IMG_3205Image via:

Formerly Desert Tactical Arms, the newly-dubbed Desert Tech is bringing their DT MDR and MDR-C to the show, highlighting the compact auto loading bullpup rifle that’s been making buzz since first mentioned by the company just a week ago.

22. Nissan

nissan-gt-r_100408320_lImage via:

Though we aren’t entirely sure how a car company matches up with shooting, hunting or the outdoors, but Nissan is scheduled to hold a press conference during the show, and they’ll likely have something in store that will be of interest. Stay tuned for more on what they have to say.

23. Duck Commander

f_20_970x453Image via:

The “Duck Dynasty” boys will have their gear on hand at SHOT Show, including their duck calls that put them on the map and eventually led to their ultra-stardom. Mossberg recently teamed up with Duck Commander to develop a new line of firearms, and they’ll be officially introduced at the show.

24. Mossy Oak

breakupinfinity-16Image via:

Not to be outdone in the camo department, Mossy Oak will enter the exhibitor area with all styles of their latest patterns and lines. We hope attendees will be able to find them, since they’re a camouflage company and all.

25. Zippo Outdoor

outdoor-lighter-zippo-canoe-small-72525Image via:

The popular lighter company has branched out to the outdoors, providing lanterns and camping supplies. Zippo’s 4-in-1 Woodsman will be on display, combining a saw, hatchet, hammer and stake puller.

We’ve just landed in Vegas, and couldn’t be more excited to kick off the 2014 NSSF SHOT Show. Stay tuned for more updates, or click HERE to view full coverage.

Which brands would you be most excited to see at SHOT Show? Did we miss any on our list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Top 25 Brands at SHOT Show 2014