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“Name-That-Buck” Contest: Top 20 Names to Make You Laugh

Out of almost 1,300 responses, here are the top 20 names people gave to this buck.

First, a little backstory on how all this came about. The folks at The Hunting Page decided it would be a good idea to share this photo on Facebook and request some help naming the buck. Boy, did they get all the help they could handle! I decided to go through the almost 1,300 comments and pick the top 20 names that people left.

Here’s the full photo that was posted. The top 20 names are listed below!


Here are the top 20 names, credited to their creators, of course.

1. Heart palpitations because that’s what would happen if that big boy walked out on me” – Brad Reid

2. “Call him Muck, ’cause he looks like his momma was a deer and his poppa was a moose. Awesome animal” – Mike Proskow

3. “Panhandler, got the moose pan look as big as your hands, sounds legit” – Doy Nitz

4. “Bullpaddle Winklemoose… Hey… I didn’t sleep any, okay? Ha!” – Ron Waters

5. “Palminator” – Dave Carter

6. “I would call him Growth Hormones!” – Eric Lance Newlin

7. “Half and half” – Jeanette Wimmer

8. “Moose humper!!!!” – Fred Whitsett 

9. “Boo buck for his caribou-lookin self…” – Nate Daniels

10. “Shovel head for sure.” – Randy Buchner

11. “Arnold Palmer” – Jacob Harris

12. “Deuce Bigelow” – Brad Landess

13. “Lunch and the guy who shot it is grizzly Adams Jr.” – Jacob Kliedon

14. “Godzilla” – Carl Dean Plasters

15. “Pricknpaddle! lol” – Thomas Henschel 

16. “Jim Beam!!!” – Charles A Williams

17. “Spork” – Jeremy Blaze

18. “Only one name for him … Moose.” – Terry Hoelscher

19. “Probably Buckfever” – Garrett Dunwald

20. “Ghetto palmetto” – Donald Wells

Well, folks, there you go. Out of all the names given to this deer, these were my top 20. Hope you guys enjoyed the post (going through 1,300 comments was no easy task!).

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“Name-That-Buck” Contest: Top 20 Names to Make You Laugh