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Top 11 Sportsmen Websites

In today's fast paced world it's paramount that we take full advantage of what's available to us on the web. There is A LOT of content out there for your consumption. 

Keeping up with technology in today's society is nearly impossible for most of us, but getting good information is easier and faster than ever before due to this vast amount of content on the web.  If you're an avid hunter or angler, or even considered a "pro" in your outdoor industry, you know that using such websites as Google Earth, North American Hunting Club, Wired 2 Fish and other forums are just a few of the many available resources to help you maximize your time outdoors.

In today's fast paced world it's paramount that we take full of advantage of what's available to us on the web, and let me tell you, there is A LOT of content out there for your consumption. I have compiled a list of the top 11 websites I find most useful for sportsmen to check out prior to their next outdoor adventure.

1. Ducks Unlimited

It's your one stop shop for all the possible waterfowl information anyone can handle. From an active migration map, hunting tips and conservation initiatives DU has it all in one convenient location; making it easy for you to plan your next waterfowl destination.


2. Powderhook

Powderhook is relatively new to the outdoor world, officially launching their site a little over a year ago. In that short time they have managed to capture much of the public land access and source several guides and outfitters that can all be found from their website and booked directly through Powderhook.

Powderhook's plan is to create one location for you and your hunting or fishing friends to communicate and plan your next adventure all from one location.


3. US Sportsmen Alliance

As a sportsman you are well aware that our hunting, fishing and trapping heritage is under attack at all times. The US Sportsmen Alliance is your go-to resource to see what's happening around the country and what you can do to help save our heritage for the future generations to come. Find out more here,


4. WalleyeCentral

Whether you're a pro or a beginner just looking for some good information on walleye fishing, Walleye Central has you covered. Their very active forum allows you to get up-to-date fishing reports, tournament results and more info than one walleye angler can fit in their boat.

If you're looking to buy or sell a boat you find all the best used boats on the market located here. Walleye Central will definitely help you shape your next fishing adventure. Check it out here


5. The Outdoorsmen Voice

A place for hunters and anglers to call home. This interactive, member-driven website is a great place to get advice or give it, interact with members alike, trade or sale your used gear and share your stories, pictures and adventures with other like minded outdoor enthusiast. A community of outdoorsmen ran by the members. Take a look here,


6. ScoutLook

This new hunting and fishing app and website have hit the market in a big way these past couple of years. If you're a regular in the field or on the water this app used with the website is a must-have.

Scoutlook's website is full of tips and tricks for hunting and fishing but the most important service offered here is the ability to create a log for your hunting and fishing trips. These logs will help you identify what area and why, where the places to be last season so next time you hit the field or the water you are already one step ahead. Give it a shot here,

Scoutlook-Weather-Logo1 8-8-11

7. Google Earth

Everyone has heard of Google earth but not everyone has familiarized themselves with it. If you're a big game hunter or even an outdoor enthusiast hiker, Google Earth is a must-have. With just a click of a mouse you can get a 3D view of where you're going or where you have been. There is nothing more beneficial to a hunter then knowing what terrain one is about to cover.  See the world here,


8. Fishing/Hunting Forums

If there was only one option to get my research from before my next hunting or fishing adventure, nothing beats the local information. Almost all states now have some type of on-line hunting/fishing forum that you can investigate. Some are better than others and they only work if people are actively using them. I have found most forums have a pretty solid group of users that are willing to help you know what's biting in their local area. Look up your next destination's state forum and I'm sure you will get your questions answered.

9. Wired 2 Fish

More info than you can fit into your boat found here: Videos and tips galore, up-to-date bass tournament information and coverage; tackle reviews and giveaways, along with members discount in their online store. If your wired 2 fish like I am, this is the place to go before you hit the big box store or your next outing. Check it out,


10. North American Fishing/Hunting Club

NAFC and NAHC are two the premier websites for hunting and fishing information. Forums, on-line stores, Pro's pointers etc... If you cant find the information you're looking for here you probably won't find it anywhere.


11. Congressional Sportsmen Foundation

Congressional Sportsmen Foundation may not be a source for information that comes to mind very often but CSF is the voice for all national and local legislative issues affecting sportsmen today. The CSF's sole mission is to act on behalf of the nation's sportsmen in the political arena.

You can find state specific and federal policies on their website as well as how to get involved. The economic impact of sportsmen today is much greater than many people realize and maintaining those jobs, as well as our future in the outdoors sports, it's paramount we all get involved in any capacity that we can. Learn more here,


What are your go-to sportsmen websites?

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Top 11 Sportsmen Websites