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The Top 10 Websites for a Pennsylvania Angler [PICS]

Fishing in Pennsylvania can be rewarding. Here are 10 great online resources to make your time on the water more productive. 

Searching for fishing information online can be intimidating. Sometimes, there are so many choices that it is hard to know where to begin. Whether you are looking for current conditions or looking to gain some new information about fishing in Pennsylvania, these websites are guaranteed to help.

1.  Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

If one website could be the bread and butter for Pennsylvania fisherman, this would be it. It offers countless links and articles that not only inform, but enlighten. Find Pennsylvania's best waters on here, as well as trout stocking schedules. The sky is the limit on this page.

Fish and Boat



The northwest corner of Pennsylvania is packed with a variety of options for anglers. From walleye to steelhead, you are bound to find what you are looking for on this website. It is great for current weather conditions, general information on various species and techniques.

 Fish Erie


3.  Smallies on the Yough

Not only is this site informative, but these guys will take you out and help you catch the smalljaw. Lots of information and links to some great resources. These guys also have a great Facebook presence.

Smallies on the Yough


4.  PA B.A.S.S. Nation

Want to fish tournaments or test your luck at the Classic trail? Get associated with this organization and connect online with other anglers with the same drive as you.  Become a member, or just find out new information on the message boards.

PA Bass Nation


5.  PA Fly Fish

Whether you are a purist, or an aspiring fly fisherman living in Pennsylvania, this is the website for you. Find up-to-date conditions on this page, or learn how to tie a new pattern. PA Fly offers the Pennsylvania fly fisherman the ability to thrive on the water and share information via the forums and blogs that are available.

PA Fly Fish


6.  Bass Boat Central

If you are chasing bucketmouths and smalljaws in Pennsylvania, then you need to check this page out. It's not a dedicated Pennsylvania site, but on the BBC Boards location you can find more than what you need. Connect with local anglers or share information about current conditions. There are also a ton of links for all of your bass fishing needs.

Bass Boat Central


 7.  Fishing in

If you are looking for a variety of information and entertainment, this is the site for you. Want to find a guide?  No problem. Want to get some species specific tips? It's here. This site is easy to navigate and fun to navigate.

Fishing in PA


8. Fish This PA

There's no agenda on this site. It is just full of educational materials, waters to be fished and events to attend in the Keystone State. The feature that stands out to me is the ability to find a fishing hotspot or guide virtually anywhere in the state. Make sure to bookmark this page.

Fish This PA


9. Susquehanna Fishing

For the eastern part of Pennsylvania, this website will keep you up to date for the mighty Susquehanna. One unique feature to this website is its readily available archives. It's easy to find an article from the past. The search engine feature is also a great way to reach the content that you want in a hurry.

Susquehanna Fishing


10.  Weatherbug

This isn't a fishing site, but there is nothing more important to me than preparing for the elements. Not only will knowing the conditions help you to stay comfortable on the water, but it can also help you to prepare a plan to get fish in the boat or on the stringer. This website has an outstanding app that his been flawless for me.

Weather Bug

Get to reading these sites and get ready to catch more fish!




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The Top 10 Websites for a Pennsylvania Angler [PICS]