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Top 10 Ways People Grill Food Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Someone grab the charcoal! 

Barbecue grills are about as American as baseball, football, bass fishing, and of course – apple pie moonshine. However, people don’t barbecue like how we do everywhere else in the world.

Different cultures do things differently and if your dining-out tastes are a little adventurous, you may have already experienced how people grill food around the world based on the style of restaurant that was chosen.

In this awesome infographic from Personal Creations, they break down exactly how other countries around the world do it up as well as the food choices that tend to hit the flames the most. After scrolling through all of these, which style of barbecue do you think you may want to try this summer?

How People Grill Around the World

Start the grill, grab the charcoal and get some meat out of the freezer! It’s summertime!

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Top 10 Ways People Grill Food Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]