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Top 10 Tents for Fall Camping Season

These are the best tents for fall camping season in 2014.

Photo via Outside
Photo via Outside

As we get ready to take advantage of the cooler weather by getting outside to hunt and camp, shelter is always a priority. Comfort, space, weight, and price are all important factors when choosing the perfect tent to take with us which is why we've created this comparison slideshow.

Make sure to let us know if we left anything out, and share your favorites in the comments. Here's to choosing the right tent for fall camping season this year!

View the slideshow to see our picks for the best fall camping tents.

1) MSR Hubba Hubba NX

This tent provides for a little more elbow room and comes at a really light weight. It is constructed of extra light zippers and fabric without compromising on durability. It comes in at a whopping 3.4 lbs, which makes it the lightest and most "liveable" tent available.

2) Kinetic Carbon 3P

Photo via Gear Patrol

This Easton favorite is an ultralight weight tent. It has the best space-to-weight ratio, which makes is an ideal and spacious tent for small families. The carbon fiber pole system keeps it light but strong. It comes in at only 3 lbs and fits 3 people. Its price is its only down fall, at $499.

3) Shangri-La 5 Tent

Photo via Gear Patrol

This tent is great for parties of 4 -5 people or if you like to bring a lot of gear with you. It provides 90 square feet of space to sleep or work in. It comes in at 5 lbs, 10 oz, and only $350. Its peak vents provide excellent air flow for comfort.

4) REI Quarter Dome 2 Tent

tents for fall camping season

Photo via Outside

This tent is roomy and well ventilated. The unique pole design is supposed to be a quick and easy set up and is practical as it reduces the amount of poles you have to carry. It includes a weather proof window to help keep condensation to a minimum in humid environments. It is 3 lbs and only $300.

5) Kelty TN2

Photo via Outside

This multi-feature and affordable ($250) tent is pretty impressive. It was able to quiet wind and provide a spacious (28 square feet) room to sleep in. It has an all-mesh body to allow for peaceful stargazing, out of reach from bugs on a clear night. Best of all, this large tent is only 4.3 lbs!

6) Big Agnes String Ridge 2

Photo via Gear Patrol

This serious and sturdy tent is ideal for high altitude or blizzard conditions. It has a bath-tub floor with silicone and polyurethane waterproof treatment. There are also strategically places vents to allow for air flow to prevent condensation. This is an ideal year-round tent at only 5 lbs and $650.

7) Nemo Losi 3P

Photo via Gear Patrol

The Nemo Losi 3P is a great do-it-all tent and weighs under 6 lbs. This tent is practical because it comes with gear caddies and a protective footprint. You can set it up as a sun shade by mounting only the fly and footprint. It is near perfect and currently holds a rating of 4.9 starts out of 5 on the Nemo website! On top of its great features, it is rather affordable at only $350.

8) Eureka Taron Basecamp 4

Photo via Outside

This is a wonderful family camping tent. It is extremely sturdy and comes in around 11 lbs. It has vents around every angle to keep condensation to a minimum and extensive pockets allow for easy organzation and storage. It provides 5 feet of head room. It is extremely affordable at only $320.

9) Sierra Designs Flash 3UL

Photo via Outside

The Flash 3UL is very spacious and sleeps 3 people. It weights only 5 lbs and provides excess luxury with storage space for gear and extra wide drop doors. Its height is higher than similar tents to allow for more head room and to accommodate today's modern mattresses. It costs $500.

10) L.L. Bean Mountain Light 3

Photo via Outside

This tent packs up very small compared to similar tents. It has 45 square feet of space for 3 people. It has durable fabric and has an aluminum frame. It is a light tent at only 5 lbs, 12 oz which is ideal for backpacking. Its also quite affordable at only $250.

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Top 10 Tents for Fall Camping Season