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Top 10 Hunting Stories of 2014

In case you missed any any of them, we’ve gathered the top 10 hunting stories of 2014.

There were a lot of interesting things that happened in 2014. We saw a vast amount of successful hunting seasons, record breaking bucks and hunters enjoying the sport from Maine to California.

Here are some highlights of the year with the top 10 hunting stories of 2014.

1. Country Music Icon Steve Fromholz Dies in Hunting Accident

The year started out on a tragic note as singer/songwriter Steve Fromholz died in a hunting accident on Jan. 19, 2014. Fromholz and his girlfriend were preparing for a hog hunt at the Flying B Ranch near Eldorado, Texas. Fromholz was carrying a gun to the truck and it fell out of a bag, misfired and fatally wounded him.

My Statesman

2. A European Country Banned Hunting, Here’s Why

On Jan. 30, 2014, Albania approved a two year ban on any hunting of birds and mammals within the country’s boarders. Recently, there has been an increase in poaching of eagles and songbirds. Due to this, and an influx of hunters, the Albanian government decided all wildlife will be protected and they will revisit the legislation in two years.

3. New York State Offering Lifetime Hunting, Fishing Licences And Other Incentive

In an attempt to encourage outdoor tourism, New York opened up the opportunity for hunters, fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts to purchase lifetime licenses. With responsible price tags, such as $535 for a hunting licence and $460 for a fishing licenses, it provides an affordable option for avid outdoorsmen.

4. Poconos Closed Due to Manhunt

On Sep. 12, 2014, Eric Matthew Frein shot two police officers, killing one. A survivalist, he took to the great forests of the Poconos, where he camped out for seven weeks, right in the middle of Pennsylvania’s archery and inline muzzle loader season. Although the state police attempted to keep the majority of the woods open to hunters, on Oct. 1 multiple areas had to be temporarily closed after police found a trip wire explosive. Frein was caught on Oct. 30.

5. Hunter Faced 3 Deadly Bear Attacks, How He Survived Is Incredible

Brandon Johnson, a Minnesota hunter, was attacked by the same bear three times within 30 minutes, yet survived. While tracking a shot bear, he was attacked by the 525 pound animal with only his knife to defend himself. During the first attack, his left arm was snapped. By the third attack, Johnson was prepared to die, but when the bear attacked, it gave the man an opening. Johnson sliced the bear’s throat and it retreated and died only 50 feet away.

bear survivor
Kare 11

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6. Great Lakes Gray Wolves Ordered to Be Returned to Endangered Species List

On Dec. 19, 2014 the gray wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin were placed back on the Endangered Species List after being removed in 2012. Since their removal, all three states have initiated hunting seasons for the wolves. After two years of successful seasons, the wolf population is starting to fall below a level where biologists believe it can sustain itself.

7. British Royal Family Ready to Give Up Prized Hunting Trophy Animals

The British royal family removed 62 hunting trophies from Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham residence. The mounts included lions, tigers, leopards, rhinos and elephant trunks that were harvested in the early 1900s. All the mounts violated the EU rules due to their endangered status.

8. 11-Year Old Michigan Boy Takes Albino Deer With Crossbow

Every hunter knows seeing an albino deer is rare, let alone shooting one. Even so, 11-year-old Gavin Dingman of Michigan shot an albino buck with his crossbow. The sixth grader was hunting with his father when the 12-point came across them. The boy was able to get a double lung shot, and due to its rarity, has decided to have the entire body preserved.

USA Today/Family photo


9. Whitetail Summit, a First of Its Kind, In March

From March 3 through March 6, the Quality Deer Management System held the first North American Whitetail Summit in Branson, Missouri. Co-sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the event brought together politicians, businesses, sporting groups and individuals to discuss threats to the health and wellness of the country’s deer population.

10. Hunter Numbers Increase, Pump Billions into Economy

With the release of the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife Associated Recreation results, we learned the number of hunters over the last five years grew by over one million. With 13.7 million hunters out there, $33.7 billion was added to the economy. Of those that reported, 89 percent were male and the majority were between the ages of 45 and 54.

Are we ready for 2015?

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