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Top 10 Hog Hunting Blasts in Under 3 Minutes to Get Your Blood Pumping

Hang on tight and get ready for 10 of the best hog hunting shots of all time.

Depending on where you’re located, turkey season might be coming to a close and a sudden lull in your hunting schedule might be rapidly approaching.

To help bridge the hunting season gap, check out these 10 hog hunting blasts that will have you making plans to get back in the woods after some hogs.

Personally, the first clip was my favorite, great pine tree camo hat!

If nighttime hog hunting is legal in your area, then having a solid weapon mounted light is crucial to your success. Though there are hundreds of lights available in stores and online, one of the best that I’ve come across is the XLR250 Kill Light from Elusive Wildlife.

Since this light is machined from rugged T6 aircraft aluminum, you won’t have to worry about a heavy light mounted on top of your scope. The concentrated beam on this piece of gear will give you great visibility out to about 250 yards and will illuminate eyes out to 500 yards. Whether you’re looking to mount it directly to your rifle or on top of your scope, the team at Elusive Wildlife has you covered with a full-line of light adapters and mounts.



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Top 10 Hog Hunting Blasts in Under 3 Minutes to Get Your Blood Pumping