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Here are the Top 10 Healthiest Wild-Caught Fish You Can Eat [PICS]

These are some of the healthiest wild-caught fish you can put in your body. 


This top 10 list reminds us of why we go fishing in the first place.

There's fishing to catch fish, and there's fishing to eat. While many fisheries in the world today are in peril due to over-fishing, seafood as a source of nutrition and good food should still a part of our everyday routine.

Whether it's the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, vitamin B-12 in squid, or simply the resoundingly good taste and protein of pole-caught albacore tuna, you may find yourself craving one of these species by the time you're done here.

Catch and release fishing as a rule is part of our outdoor culture. No one understands sustainability and conservation like sporting outdoors men and women, but sometimes even we take home some fairly caught fish to enjoy.

When we do, we want it to be the best thing we can put in our mouth.

Check out the top 10 healthiest wild caught fish you can eat.

10. Albacore Tuna

Pole-caught tuna from western U.S. and Canadian waters have much less mercury than other tuna because they tend to be younger. Most brands are found online rather than in stores.

9. Mackeral


The firm flesh and oil-rich meat of these silver and blue torpedos makes the mackeral a delectable and nutritious feast.

8. Rainbow Trout


'Bows are commonly farmed, but recreational anglers know that they are best taken from pristine, traditional trout waters. Stocked fish in places like the Great Lakes are threatened by PCP's and mercury.

7. Walleye

Bass Pro

You haven't had shore-lunch until you've had walleye. These fish are safer depending on the waters they are taken from. Consider a guided trip to some of the wildest waters left in North America: Canadian Shield Lakes.

6. Pacific Sardines

The Pacific sardine nearly went extinct in the 1950's, but these tasty little fish have rebounded and are considered a treat in tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil.

5. Atlantic Long-Finned Squid

Full of omega-3's and vitamin B-12, what we usually call calamari is best if you can avoid frying it. This species tends to live in areas that aren't destroyed by over-fishing.

4. West Coast Dungeness Crab

Sustainably caught in traps versus nets, and with mating seasons restricted, these crabs are well managed. Species like king and blue crab tend to be found in more polluted areas.

3. Brook Trout


Brook trout live in the cold, clean waters of wilderness areas that tend to be the most untouched. When water conditions change, even a little, due to pollution or other factors, the brook trout disappears. Maybe the most caught-and-released fish we target, but a treat on the table.

2. Arctic Char


Not as well known as other Salmonids, the arctic char is nevertheless a fine and healthy fair for the table. Can be farm raised, but as people in Canada, Norway, and Iceland know, they are best taken on a fly rod.

1. Sockeye Salmon

King Sailfish Mounts

The omega-3's are legendary in these fish. All the wild-caught salmon species, when taken sustainably, are arguably one of the best, most healthy foods we can eat.

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Here are the Top 10 Healthiest Wild-Caught Fish You Can Eat [PICS]