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Top 10 Gun Gear Items You Absolutely Need


It’s not enough to just buy your gun. There’s so many other things to consider. 

Once you get that gun, you will continually find items that you absolutely NEED.

Granted there are items that we all think we need, but when it boils down to it, we don’t. However, there are certain items that we truly need such as food, water and gun gear.

These are just a few of the best items that you will find you need.

1. Gun Screwdriver

Colt Gun Tool
Daniel Leathers

The Colt Gun Screwdriver is an invaluable piece of equipment. It comes with three bits sizes and fits most handguns. It also comes standard with a neckchain for easy portability.

2. Tactical Camera

countour camera

There is a plethera of adventure and tactical cameras on the market these days. Contour truly makes one of the best for mounting to your firearm. It fits tight against your rail system and bleands great with look of your gun.

3. Tactical Double or Sinlge Point Sling

single point sling

It does you no good to have a rifle or Cobray platform pistol without a cool way to carry it. With the right sling, you can even carry a carbine concealed under a coat. Either way, this allows you to pose with flexed muscles and look cool.

4. Guide Rod Laser Sight

laser max
The Firearm Blog

LaserMax makes one of the neatest items on the market today. However, it is not a new device. The guide rod laser replaces your old guide rod that can standard with your gun. It comes in various models to fit most major gun brands. There are no bulky parts to worry about.

5. Situationally-Adaptive Weapon Light


If the Guide Rod Laser isn’t enough, try out this Situationally-Adaptive Weapon Light also from LaserMax. It’s adaptive due to it’s snap-on anywhere type design. It can also be operated by a remote switch. It comes with standard green light, but is also offered in a infrared model for use with night vision.

6. Rifle Scope and Camera Hybred

scope camera

If a rail-mountd camera isn’t good enough for you, then try this out. Made by LAXCO, the DigieScope is the world’s camera fully integrated into your rifle scope offering you live video feed. Coaches love this prodcut because you can see exactly what the shooter is seeing.

7. Bullseye Ammocan Target System

All Outdoor

Bulleye Target systems has developed a great product for every shooter. Their AmmoCan target System comes in two editions, Sight In and Long Range. It comes wiht great battery life and requires no cellular or internet connection to work. Using bluetooth technology, the Ammocan Target system works with any iPad, iPhone or Android devices. You can check out their video here.

8. Range Bag

range bag
Soldier Systems

Okay, so maybe range bag is the wrong term for this high-speed piece of gear. No matter what you choose to call it you will find you need a place to store and carry you new guns. Soldier Systems has developed this compact, heavey-duty weapons bag for the serious shooter.

9. Non-Portable Gun Storage

Ammo Land

Once range time is finished, you need a place to store you new gun and gear. Browning’s new Tactical Gun Safe is just the thing for you. You may think, “I only have one gun. Whay do I need such a big safe?”

The answer is pure and simple…it’s a cool gun safe. Let’s face it, at a certain point the cool factor has a tremendous pull on what we need in life.

10. More Guns

lots of guns

There is a point at which we must all realize that our gun and shooting needs is determined by the infection that we have. Guns are a bit like Doritos, you can’t have just one.

Guns, if left alone, become lonely. Don’t be the cause of lonely guns. Only you can stop it.

No matter what type of gun you get or even how many, one thing is for sure. We all have an inate desire to improve and add to our tactical collections. Don’t resist it. Give into your basic human needs – food, water, shelter and gun gear.


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Top 10 Gun Gear Items You Absolutely Need