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Top 10 Fishing Lures for Under $8

Whether you are fishing on a shoestring budget or just beginning to casually learn the ropes of the sport, you can get by without going for the premium fishing lures that the market has to offer. Here are some of our favorite budget-conscious lures on the market, all available for $8 or less.

Bandit Crankbaits, 100 or 200 Series: With a market price of $5.99, these popular crankbaits are perfect for snagging bass in shallow waters. Most 100 series lures do best in depths of five feet or less, while 200 series lure extend the range by about three feet.

lure-6---banditPhoto via Bass Pro

Rat-L-Traps: Another great type of bass fishing crankbait, Rat-L-Trap lures will run you just over $6 and add some much needed reliability to a fishing trip on the flats. If you need an inexpensive lipless lure for catching bass, this is the lure for you.

lure-6---L-TrapPhoto via Bass Pro

Norman DD22: You won’t have to worry about not finding these crankbaits at your favorite bait shop. Almost every bass angler keeps a Norman’s DD22 on hand, for situations where more substantial depths – up to 18 feet – are required.

lure-6---dd22Photo via Bass Pro

Mepps Algia 1/12 oz Plain Treble In-Line Spinner: At $7.02, this budget-conscious spinner bait is perfect for drawing trout and other freshwater fish to your line. The original Mepp’s spinner was invented way back in 1938, and has been attracting game fish ever since.

lure-6---mepps-algiaPhoto via

Buckeye Lures Flat Top Finesse: A $3.79 jig with a reputation for durability, the Buckeye Lures Flat Top Finesse is perfect for ensnaring freshwater bass by drawing them out of near-shore hiding spots. Skip this jig around rocks or close to a dock, and watch as the fish come swimming for it.

lure-6---buckeyePhoto via Bass Pro

Rattlin’ Rapala: Rapala is one of the finest manufacturers of fishing lures in the world, and that quality applies to the company’s budget options. The Rattlin’ Rapala is only about $4, but produces a harmonic sound that encourages fish to investigate.

lure-6---rattlin-rapalaPhoto via Bass Pro

3/4 oz Xcalibur WakebaitReady to give fish a real “wake” up call, these Xcalibur Wakebaits are built to create a strong wake while bobbling at the water’s surface. Two chartreuse color patterns are available, and coming in at under $6, these will make a great addition to any tackle box.

lure-6---xcalibur-wakebaitPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

XTS Speed Lures MinnowAt under $3, the XTS Speed Lures are the fishing bargain hunter’s dream. The minnow will rise when reeling is paused, and produces a wobble great for steady retrieves, stop-and-go or use as a subsurface jerkbait.

lure-6---XTS-speed-lurePhoto via Bass Pro

Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Pro Series Buzzbaits: Priced at $5.39, these buzzbaits are an unbelievable bargain. With an array of brilliant, eye-catching colors to choose from and blades and spinners that only add to the lure’s fish-attracting ability, it’s no surprise that Bass Pro Shops customers have collectively rated these baits with 4.6 stars out of 5.

lure-6---lazer-eye-buzzbaitPhoto via Bass Pro

Norman Lures Crappie Crankbaits: Throwing cranks for crappies isn’t the first technique that comes to mind, but believe it or not, they will go nuts for these Norman lures. They’re good for depths of 6 feet and come in a variety of color selections. 

lure-6---norman-crankbaitPhoto via Bass Pro

Do you know of other fishing lures for under $8? If so, share them with fellow fishermen and women in the comments below.

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Top 10 Fishing Lures for Under $8