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Top 10 Firework Fails That Will Blow You Away

These top 10 firework fails seem to get worse and worse. We hope your holiday festivities did not end up quite like this!

July 4th is the time of year where people get together to light off fireworks as they drink a few beers and celebrate the wonderful freedoms that they all hold dear. However, each Independence Day there are a number of firework fails that end with people in the emergency room. Here is a list of 10 fails that are almost too much to bare.

Warning: Viewer discretion advised

If this video has taught you anything, it should be that fireworks and stupidity do not mix well. Be sure to keep a level head and make safe choices when enjoying the festivities that surround any of our nations Holidays.

In the off chance that you find yourself stuck in the middle of a firework fail, using your phone to call 911 is a wiser choice than filming it.

Remember, it is all fun until someone gets hurt!



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Top 10 Firework Fails That Will Blow You Away