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Top 10 Creepy Deep Sea Creatures You Don't Want to Run Into

These amazing deep sea creatures are so weird you have to see them to believe it!

Deep sea exploration is constantly discovering new species of fish, invertebrates, and shellfish that have never before been documented. Some of these deep sea creatures are so weird you would think they were created in a science lab.

Unfortunately this countdown of the top ten sea creatures is not the product of a science fiction novel. These are real animals that are just now being filmed and studied in a broader scope. These are certainly animals you will have to see to believe!

From the sarcastic fringehead to the stealthy bobbit worm, these creatures are certainly freaky enough to give some viewers nightmares. Luckily for us, all of them live in areas incapable of sustaining human life. Therefore, this rules out any chances of coming across one of these creepy bugs on your way into the office Monday morning.

Be sure not to let this video deter you from supporting deep sea exploration. With more knowledge about the heavens then what takes place beneath the oceans of our own planet, perhaps it is time to start putting some effort into finding out more about what types of animals are lurking in the depth just miles off some of our favorite beaches.


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Top 10 Creepy Deep Sea Creatures You Don't Want to Run Into