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Top 10 Buzzworthy Hunting Records of 2015

West Virginia Metro News/E1 News

2015 was an incredible year for hunting records that made your jaw drop. 

Everyone is connected to the Internet these days. Social media pretty much keeps us in constant contact with every facet of everyday life. When it comes to hunting, the same holds true there as well. As you can tell by these top hunting records of 2015, they all went fairly viral on social media. That little indicator alone tells you how incredible each individual trophy was.

Let this be some motivation going into 2016.

10. World record mule deer

Pope and Young

Do you remember this new world record Pope and Young mule deer? It has been officially recognized as the largest of all mule deer hunting records coming in at 207 5/8s. This thing hit the Internet like wildlife on the very first day of 2015 and continues to get searched for to this day.

9. Another big mule deer!


This giant 200-inch mule deer from Oklahoma was registered as one of the largest ever for the state. Garnering a large social media following, especially in Oklahoma, the Lotstitch buck easily took the number nine spot on the list.

8. World record turkey


When news of the Cody Guess world record turkey broke on May 2nd, it just about broke the Internet for a few days. News of this bird traveled far and wide and maintains a hold on turkey circles that will last for a long time.

7. Pigman’s world record 


This record is actually from 2010, but the video of it didn’t come out until April of this year. Therefore, it’s been included in this list. Deal with it. This story had a lot of fuel behind it due to the near celebrity status of Pigman, as it was. Brian Quaca is firmly holding down number 7.

6. World record elk

Star Tribune

The news of this crossbow world record made everyone take a second look. With a score of 408-inches and spread wider than Albert Henderson’s arms, you can see why this elk made such a newsworthy story. This was his second elk ever with a crossbow. It was even on public land!

5. West Virginia record buck 

West Virginia Metro News

It’s easy to see why this story made the rounds like it did. You see, Nick Starkey was hunting with both his wife and daughter. They both passed on the buck allowing Starkey to take it! Their generosity resulted in his success. The hunting community really ate this up.

4. Girls tags Oklahoma giant


This story can still be found making circles around popular websites and backrooms of hunting clubs. The reason is simply due to how incredible of a deer this turned out to be. Not only that, it’s a great story as well.

Micalah Millard and her father created a memory that few will ever get to experience. To say you took down one of the largest bucks ever for your state is something you can really hang your hat on.

3. The illegal record 


It’s no wonder this story took off like it did. News of a state record Louisiana buck spread like wildfire, but the news that the hunter who took it didn’t have a license spread like nuclear explosion. The hunter in question who shot the buck was a guest hunter on the property, too!

2. King Kong hog

E1 News

Chances are you have seen the above picture recently. There aren’t very many that follow any sort of hunting pages that haven’t.

To this day, there has been no corroboration that this pig from Russia is the king of all hog hunting records, but the pictures are incredible. Is this trick photography? Perhaps it’s the largest hog ever shot. We just don’t know!

1. The black whitetail deer


Of all the hunting records that happened during 2015, seeing that this 14-year-old girl took down a black buck tops all lists. The rarity of such a buck alone makes this the clear winner. On average, six million deer are harvested in the US per year. With those same averages, never has more than five black deer ever been registered in a single year. That would mean for you to take a black deer, you would have a 0.00000083%, if five were registered. However, most years, none are recorded at all.

There you go! Hopefully your name will be on our top 10 list for buzzworthy hunting records in 2016! There’s only one way to make sure that will happen, though.

You have to get out there and hunt!

Happy New Year!


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Top 10 Buzzworthy Hunting Records of 2015