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Top 10 Buzzworthy Fishing Records of 2015

Michigan DNR

Chances are you know about at least a couple of these fishing records for 2015. 

2015 was an incredible year for some very impressive fishing records. News of these records traveled all over the Internet, and the church pews and bar stools in-between. The 2015 hunting records did the same thing, but for people who fish, these records are what matter.

As I wrote above, 2015 was a great year for the fisherman. The following countdown is going to show you exactly why.

#10. One massive spotted bass


Take one look at this fish and you can see why news of this record spread like crazy. Considering this fish broke the California record is amazing. However, when then news came out that it was one ounce shy of the World Record, this story went into overdrive.

#9. A grass carp amongst grass carp

photos via Bryan Hughes

If you live near a retention pond, river, or any sort of waterway, more than likely you’ve seen one of these submarines swimming nearby. However, this particular water monster is the new world record grass carp by means of bowfishing. Holy cow.

#8. A gar the size of a car


So a man saw a huge gar. He then shot it with his bow, hauled it in, and then filleted it. It wasn’t until after the fact that he realized the outcome of what he did. The state record for Texas for an alligator gar was eight inches shorter than his fish. Chances are likely pretty good that what this man ate was a record. Can you see why this story went so viral?

#7. Father and Daughter World Record


It’s not very common to catch a fish big enough to be considered a world record. It’s really not uncommon to do it twice. For this story, Tia Wiese, a teenager from Idaho, and her father Gary Wiese, were using tip-ups to catch perch. Last year, Tia broke the world record. This year, she did it again. Pretty insane.

#6. World Record Bluefin 


Donna Pascoe was fishing on a charter boat in New Zealand when her stars aligned. Pascoe hooked and landed the largest tuna of its species in history. She also did it all on tape. It’s no wonder this story traveled from social media feed to computer desktop all over the world.

#5. Huge rainbow caught and released 


Oh…my…God. This rainbow is so large, it’s double-rainbow big. Every fly fisherman on the planet knew about this fish. Luckily for the rainbow, it was quickly released and not kept for a trophy or, worse yet, eaten. What makes this story so crazy is the fact that since it was released, it could not be counted as a record, even though it beat the current Idaho record by eight pounds on uncertified scales.

#4. Another world record, eaten. 

Photos via Pisces Sportfishing

This record turned out to be a little controversial. When pictures of this possible world record hit the Internet, many arm chair boat captains didn’t believe its size. According to the story, handheld scales in the boat showed 102 pounds. The world record is 87 pounds. However, upon returning to shore, the crew quickly filleted the giant fish before anyone could stop them to certify the catch.

#3. Florida record bass

Florida Tournament Report

Everyone knows Florida has huge bass. This bass though, might be one of the biggest ever caught. However, pictures are all we have of this fish. The angler quickly released this huge bass back into the lake due to concerns for its safety. 19 pounds, 27 inches long, with a girth of 24 inches makes for a huge bass anywhere.

#2. Michigan record smallmouth 

Michigan DNR

A nine-pound smallmouth is a huge smallmouth anywhere. For Michigan, that’s the new state record. What makes this story the number two record for 2015 is that this record has stood for 110 years! What a pig!

#1. World record muskie released

Muskie First/Dean Block

In the world of muskie fishing, a new world record is flat out earth shattering. The fact that this giant fish was released makes this story that much better. It’s easy to see why this is our number one story for all fishing records for 2015. A fish this size may not be seen again for a long time.

So what do you think? Did we get it right? How many of these stories do you remember? Every single one stands out to me, but then again, it’s also my job to cover this stuff!

Hopefully you enjoyed this little stroll back through the fishing side of things for 2015. Maybe you can use it as more inspiration to make the list for 2016 yourself.


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Top 10 Buzzworthy Fishing Records of 2015