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The Top 10 Boat Names of 2015 [PICS]

Flickr/Bert Knottenbeld

These are the top 10 boat names for 2015. Which is your favorite?


Owning a boat is the dream of many outdoorsmen. Despite the cost and upkeep, the rewards of boat ownership are great. Fishing, hunting, and simple recreation are all great reasons to own a boat.

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While choosing a boat is perhaps the most difficult part of boat ownership, naming your vessel can be just as challenging. The boat names in this slideshow are the 10 most popular boat names for 2015 according to Boat Owners Association of The United States.

Click through the slideshow for some boat naming inspiration.

#10 Relentless

top 10 boat names


Coming in at number ten is the name Relentless. Definitely a great moniker for a sea-faring boat that battles the waves or a tournament angler's boat who just won't quit.

#9 Serendipity

top 10 boat names

Number nine on the list is a great name for a boat that was able to be bought from an unexpected windfall. Plus, a little serendipity while on the water is never a bad thing either.

#8 Journey

top 10 boat names

Journey is the boat name that makes the list at number eight. It is easy to see why this one made the list as boats do make a lot of journeys. Or maybe a lot of boat owners are just big fans of the band.

#7 Happy Ours

top 10 boat names

Pinterest/Cindy M

A great play on words hits the list at number seven. Happy Ours is a perfect name for a boat owned by a couple who enjoy the water. Just no drinking and boating allowed!

#6 Island Time

top 10 boat names

We'd all like to be able to live on Island Time which is the boat name that cracks the list at number six. It is a great name to confuse people too. Tell them you are going to spend spend the day on island time and get ready for some baffled faces.

#5 Second Wind

top 10 boat names

Number five on the list, Second Wind, is a perfect name for a sailboat. Hopefully, it will bring good luck and strong winds to any vessel with the name.

#4 Aquaholic

top 10 boat names

Flickr/Bert Knottenbeld

Another play on words makes the list at number four. People who own boats often spend a lot of time and money on them. You have to really love being on the water for that and Aquaholic represents that well.

#3 Andiamo

top 10 boat names

Flickr/Kai Hendry

Number three on the list, Andiamo, is an Italian word meaning "to hurry up" or "let's go!" when translated to English. Boaters are usually anxious to leave the dock as soon as possible so the name's popularity makes sense.

#2 Seas The Day

top 10 boat names

Flickr/Dawn Pennington

Coming in at number two on the list of the top ten boat names of 2015 is Seas the Day. This is one of the most clever play on words for boat names and is the perfect name for a fishing vessel owned by dedicated anglers.

#1 Serenity

top 10 boat names

Flickr/Phil Richards

Serenity is exactly what many boaters are seeking when they spend time on their boats and that is the name that claimed the number one spot for 2015. It was also the number one name in 2014.

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top 10 boat names

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The Top 10 Boat Names of 2015 [PICS]