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Top 10 Biggest Animals Of All Time [VIDEO]

Check out this video that shows the 10 biggest animals to ever roam the Earth.

The video, titled "World's 10 Biggest Animals Of All Time," quickly went viral when it was posted on January 24 by YouTube user Hybrid Librarian. With a blaring heavy metal soundtrack, the video shows the world's 10 biggest animals to ever live across several animal classes. Each featured animal has an artist rendition of what it would have looked like, along with a scale of the animal's size compared to a full grown man.

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We couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to be a hunter or angler back when these 10 biggest animals roamed the Earth. Imagine trying to shoot down the world's largest flying creature, the 550-pound Quetzalcoatlus. Or how about trying to hook the largest bony fish of all-time, the 21-meter-long Leedsicthys Problematicus? Humans probably would have been the ones being hunted.

Either way, this video reminds us of how incredible the natural world can be. So get your heavy metal socks on because we're about to take a journey back in time to see the world's 10 biggest animals that ever lived.

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Top 10 Biggest Animals Of All Time [VIDEO]