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Watch the Wray, Colorado Tornado as It Almost Swallows You Up

Thrill seekers may have hit their ultimate high chasing the huge Wray, Colorado tornado.

The sky was eerily black on that night while something ominous hung in the air, and I live 3 hours away.

On May 7, 2016, a huge storm moved into the Central Plains and conditions were ripe for a twister. The storm was big and daunting. In fact, my sister's family was set to leave our house and drive straight through it on their way home. One look at the bank of clouds told them all they needed to know about that storm: stay away.

For some folks closer to the action staying away was the last thing on their mind. Watch this incredible video of the powerful Wray, Colorado tornado.

Scoot back, or it just might suck you up!

The video was shot by tornado junkie Gabe Cox. When asked about the experience Cox said, "When we came out on that road and it was sitting in front of us, it was probably the most amazing tornado we have seen at least in a while."

At the very closet, Cox was within 100 yards from the twister as it was moving away. In a recent interview he stated flatly that safety was his "focus" while he was chasing the storm. Probably a relative term in this case.

According to ABC News, the Wray, Colorado tornado registered as an EF-2 with winds of 130 mph.

As storm season starts to heat up here on in Tornado Alley, you can expect to see more impressive storms like this in the near future. While these storms can be awe inspiring, we should all pray storms like the Joplin twister of 2011 will avoid our communities this year.

In the end there is little we can do about them other than that.


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Watch the Wray, Colorado Tornado as It Almost Swallows You Up