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Tony Stewart Joins Bass Pro Shop’s Gone Fishing Campaign [VIDEO]


Take the pledge with Tony Stewart and many others to teach a child to fish.

Professional NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is the newest celebrity to join the movement with Bass Pro Shops and the Teach a Child to Fish campaign, meant to help get children everywhere to start fishing and spend time in the outdoors. If he isn’t speeding down the track he can be found at the nearest fishing hole with his line in the water. was started by Former Miami Dolphin and now professional fisherman Kendall Newson. He started the program to teach children every aspect of fishing from how to tie a knot to reeling in the big one.

Every time, I turn on the tv, the radio or open a newspaper, I see another reason why this program is needed. I was lead to teach kids how to fish, because of my love for fishing and my father’s teaching. Fishing has taught me a lot about life and how to make choices. This program will provide children a chance to learn the art of fishing and where to fish, conservation education, and boating education in their community parks and lakes.

Head over to Bass Pro Shops website, take the pledge like Tony Stewart, take a #fishie (photo with a fish), and take first-time fisherman to their in-store events. Bass Pro is giving away how to guides, will have catch and release ponds setup, free photos, and fishing seminars available for all to sit in on.

Programs like these are very important in today’s society more than ever. More kids are spending time with their faces buried in phones or chasing graphics on a television.

For our legacy as sportsmen to continue on in the future, it is our responsibility to not just take our own children out to fish, but to take any child that wants to enjoy angling. Teach them what you know so that someday they can pass it down to the next generation.

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Tony Stewart Joins Bass Pro Shop’s Gone Fishing Campaign [VIDEO]