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Tons of Dead Fish Wash Up in Olympic Lagoon [PICS]


Thousands of dead fish were found in the Olympic lagoon in Rio de Janeiro.

The lagoon that will host the rowing and canoeing competitions in the 2016 summer Olympic games has encountered a serious problem. Thousands of dead fish have filled the waters, with little to no explanation.

The Rio de Janeiro legislative assembly, along with the Secretariat of State for the Environment, and the State Environmental Institute is investigating the cause of the massive die-off in the lagoon and other nearby waters.

dead fish wos

One possible reason is that heavy rains may have caused a larger than normal amount of decaying organic matter, robbing the water of oxygen and killing the fish.

As you might expect, the dead fish have created a foul odor and become a nuisance to visiting tourists and those who live around the lagoon.

dead fish carry wos

This is just the latest in a string of problems for Rio de Janeiro only a year away from hosting the Olympics. On February 14, two professional sailors crashed into floating trash on Guanabara Bay, overturning their boat. Last month, Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes had this to say about the matter:

The Olympics are also in a time that has very little rain, then this amount of debris that comes from five municipalities in the metropolitan region, with poor sanitation, is also controllable…I do not see as a problem for the Olympics.

dead fish trash wos

Last year, biologists found that rivers leading into the bay contained a superbacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and can cause urinary, gastrointestinal and pulmonary infections.

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I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to go into that water.

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Tons of Dead Fish Wash Up in Olympic Lagoon [PICS]