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Tom Knapp’s World Record Ten Clay Targets

Who’s up for trying to break Tom Knapp’s World record at the next family get together?

Some people possess a skill that makes them top dog in their local area. Maybe it’s a kid from town good at shooting three-pointers.

But then, some people take their skill to the next level, possibly competing on a larger scale such as collegiate or regional level. Even more skilled people find avenues to pursue their skill professionally. These people can make a living with their skill.

Then there is the top, I mean the very top. These folks can even make some professionals look silly. These are the cream of the crop.

To watch video of Tom Knapp’s world record is to watch the absolute best.

Tom Knapp was quite possibly the best shotgunner ever, but at the end of the day he was still human.

Tom was born with a gift, but worked hard to hone his skill to the point he was fast and accurate enough to have a world record. Tom made a living showcasing his skill and spreading his love of shooting far and wide.

Guys like this are so valuable to shooting sports because their exhibitions mesmerize shooters and non-shooters alike. People like Tom also inspire us to get the very best out of ourselves, and push our own limits.

Hopefully there is a kid out there right now who couldn’t even finish reading this, and had to take his or her gun outside to practice for the day they are going to beat Tom.


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Tom Knapp’s World Record Ten Clay Targets