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Tom Kelly Eulogizes a Turkey Hunting Friend

When Tom Kelly talks, turkey hunters should listen.

Tom Kelly has long been considered the poet laureate of the turkey hunting community. His break out book, "Tenth Legion," is not so much a how to book, but an explanation of why turkey hunters do what we do. The landmark volume compares turkey hunters to members of the Roman Tenth Legion since both exhibit dogged determination, even when facing overwhelming odds.

Since publishing "Tenth Legion" back in 1973, Tom Kelly has gone on to publish 23 more books. Even though he turned 89 on May 13th, "The Colonel" is still writing and enjoying life.

Watch the video to see Tom Kelly read some of his own work about the bird "that bears as much resemblance to the barnyard turkey as [Kelly does] to Jack Dempsey in his prime" and a dear friend who shared his love and passion for chasing wild turkeys.

For some of us, turkey hunting is more than a hobby -- something we pursue a couple days a year hoping to get lucky. It's a lifestyle. And hearing a gobbling show like the one Tom Kelly described is a religious experience, whether we bring home a turkey or not.

If you haven't read any of Tom Kelly's books, do yourself a favor and visit his website to purchase them. Start with "Tenth Legion," then read the rest.


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Tom Kelly Eulogizes a Turkey Hunting Friend