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Tom Brokaw Discusses the Importance of Hunting in South Dakota [VIDEO]

Tom Brokaw Discusses Importance of Hunting

A lifelong pheasant hunter, Tom Brokaw discusses the importance of hunting on the economies of many cities and states in this video on CNBC.

Tow Brokaw grew up hunting pheasant in South Dakota, an activity that he still participates in to this day.

Here, he goes into detail how hunting brings significant amounts of money to cities and states all over the country.

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As he states in the video, hunting is a $200,000,000 a year industry in the state of South Dakota and brings millions of dollars to hundreds of locales across the United States.

Though much of this money comes in the form of obvious purchases such as hunting licenses, purchases of guns and ammunition, and hunting apparel, this money also comes from gasoline purchases, hotel stays, and restaurants.

So, not only is hunting ingrained into the culture of many communities, but it is an important financial pillar for many of them as well.

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Tom Brokaw Discusses the Importance of Hunting in South Dakota [VIDEO]