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Toddler Reels in Her First Fish [VIDEO]

A cute two year old girl catches her first fish in this touching video.

Most anglers have fond memories of catching their first fish, so even the toughest sportsman is sure to be affected by this footage of an adorable toddler reeling in a fish from an ice hole.

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Urged on by her parents, young Beth struggles to pull in a fish, although not for lack of effort – despite her size, her pole is bent almost to the breaking point.

For her part, it also can’t be easy to operate that tiny reel when bundled up in full winter gear and bulky gloves. Beth’s parents seem to get in on the excitement, telling her repeatedly to reel, although I’m not sure how many two year olds know what that word means.

With a cry of “I got one!” and with some light assistance from her father, Beth finally hauls the fish onto the ice.

Like a lot of anglers, this first catch might be all it took for Beth to be hooked for life.

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Toddler Reels in Her First Fish [VIDEO]