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Little Girl Carries Fish Bigger Than She Is Out of River [VIDEO]

This little girl is a great fisherman.

We take years of practice, trial and error, frustration, and thousands of dollars in fishing equipment. And this little girl just walks up and grabs the fish we were trying to catch.

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In this All Day Funny video, a toddler wades into a river with her sister, bends down, and scoops up a massive, massive fish.

The video’s a little fuzzy, so we’re not quite sure what kind of fish this ended up being (it looks like a species of carp), but either way, the thing is as big as she is.

By contrast, the average american man weights 191 pounds, according to a Gallup pole conducted earlier this year. How much time and money do we usually spend to catch a 190-pound fish? Turns out, a lot. A whole lot. $2,400 for eight hours of sport fishing- and that’s assuming you live near a coast.

But it’d sure be nice to just walk into a river, scoop up a whopper, and walk out again, right? The hell with sport fishing- next time we want something fresh on the grill, we should just send our daughters out to the river.

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Little Girl Carries Fish Bigger Than She Is Out of River [VIDEO]