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Toddler Bitten by Deadly Cottonmouth Hiding Under Toy


Three-year-old recovering after being bitten by cottonmouth hiding under toy truck while playing outside.

In what can only be described as a nightmare for any parent, a three-year-old boy in Arkansas was recently bitten by a cottonmouth that was hiding under his toy truck in his backyard.

John McClane was tending to his backyard while his two children, Judson and Jasmine, were playing. That’s when he suddenly heard a terrifying scream from his son.

McClane ran over to him thinking he was stung by a wasp or bitten by an ant to find a large cottonmouth beneath a flipped over Tonka truck Judson had went to play with.

The snake had tagged him on the leg which began to swell immediately as they rushed him to a local children’s hospital. News, Weather & Sports

“He was in severe pain as we got there (the hospital)”, McClane told Wave3 News. “The second day the same, but they took care of him right away.”

In total, it took 16 vials of anti-venom, but Judson is now quickly recovering from the ordeal.

Experts warn parents that this time of the year is when snakes are most active after hibernation as they begin looking for mates. They urge parents to keep tall grass cut down and remove any other easy potential hiding places for snakes.

They also recommend checking any areas that your children may be playing at in advance by flipping over toys, checking sandboxes, and checking through outdoor toy boxes.


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Toddler Bitten by Deadly Cottonmouth Hiding Under Toy