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Does the TODAY Show Think Guns Aren't Effective to Prevent Home Invasions? [VIDEO]

Is the American media afraid to admit guns can help deter home invasions?

The TODAY Show advises Americans on how to protect their families from a 'Home Invasion Nightmare' and they say hornet spray ought to do the trick.

... and they are serious.

You can see the video here

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Let me break this down...

First, they show surveillance video of multiple intruders breaking through a front door, then a woman getting severely beaten inside of her own home, and go on to explain that NBA Star Ray Allen had SEVEN intruders break into his house while his family was there, and our tip from The TODAY Show is... hornet spray?

Have we become such a sensitive country that firearms can't even be brought up on television as a means to protect ourselves and our loved ones?

"50,000 break-ins a year, that's 135 per day"  ... so... keep hornet spray handy?

I will admit, they gave some good tips for when you hear something, like setting off your car alarm, or if you've been taken captive, but I cannot understand why firearms were not ever mentioned even once.

Many law-abiding citizens have survived horrific attacks on themselves and their family members, and only because they were armed to defend themselves.

They weren't spraying hornet killer either... they were spraying bullets.

Have firearms become too sensitive a topic for Americans? What are your thoughts?


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Does the TODAY Show Think Guns Aren't Effective to Prevent Home Invasions? [VIDEO]