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TJM Charity Kayak & SUP Fishing Tournament Results [PICS]

TJM Charity Kayak & SUP Fishing Tournament

The TJM Charity Kayak & SUP Fishing Tournament, held off the Cape Fear Coast of North Carolina, concluded Saturday.

About 80 kayak anglers set off in the early morning hours this past Saturday at the TJM Charity Kayak & SUP Fishing Tournament to test themselves against each other, the tides and, the fish. The tournament has basically four divisions: Best Red Drum, Flounder, Speckled Trout and Best Slam.

There was a familiar face that took the Best Slam prize Saturday. Best Slam consists of the angler who catches the most inches of fish, made up of a red drum, flounder and speckled trout.

TJM Charity Kayak & SUP Fishing Tournament

Joey Sullivan, who happens to be my slightly younger brother, took Best Slam and Best Trout for the day. He also took second in the flounder division.

Joey had a combined total of 70.25 inches; consisting of a monster 27.5-inch gator trout. His red drum was 22 inches, and he also had a very nice 20.75-inch summer flounder.

But the trout certainly put him over the top. Sullivan also caught all his fish on artificial baits.

Bob Dainton
Bob Dainton

However, there are rules in place in many kayak tournaments now, which prohibit any one angler to take more than one main prize. These rules are in place largely because of Mr. Sullivan, who has been on a tear at kayak tournaments across the state for several years now, amassing a fleet of kayaks anyone in their right mind would be jealous of.

He did take home the best prize in the tournament: a Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel Fishing Kayak.

And as a reult, Mark Patterson was awarded Best Trout in the standings with a 24.5-inch trout, and he was lucky enough to take home a Hurricane Marvel 120 Fishing Kayak.

Drew Camp took home Best Redfish prize with a 30.25-inch beast, and for his efforts received a Wilderness Systems Thresher 140 Fishing Kayak.

TJM Charity Kayak & SUP Fishing Tournament

Tim Norris won best flounder with a 21.875-inch flattie. For his efforts he received a Yolo Board Bike Co. Beach Cruiser & Seattle Sports GoCart Kayak & SUP Trailer.

These four guys also received lots of other goodies like paddles and life vests. The loot pile at this particular tournament was great, as it always is. It seems kayak events are growing fast in popularity, and along with the larger turnouts are bigger and better prizes.

Good job, guys.

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TJM Charity Kayak & SUP Fishing Tournament Results [PICS]