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Tips for Staying Toasty While You Sleep on Your Next Camping Trip

Nothing can ruin a camping trip like a miserable, cold night of sleep. 

A camping trip can go from great to miserable overnight (literally). A lack of good, sound sleep can snowball into other things going wrong. This can be a recipe for disaster, sometimes quite seriously, when camping in the wilderness.

One cold, miserable night stands out in my mind. I was overnighting in the Allegheny National Forest with three buddies. We each had hammocks, and were looking forward a relaxing trip. For the most part, it was. It was mid-August, and the day was hot. The temps dropped pretty rapidly as the sun sank though, and we shivered all night.

Sleeping elevated in a hammock without and under-quilt was our first mistake. Sleeping bags not suited for the temperature range was our second. Sleeping comfortably in much colder temps than we experienced is possible, though. The folks at ScoutmasterCG made up this infographic to make things a little easier.

Image via ScoutmasterCG

All of these tips or simple, but useful. I will be hunting turkeys in April on my Ohio lease. I'm planning to tent for a few days to save some cash and enjoy nature.

I was a slightly hesitant to do so because of my last experience, and I know that temps can still be chilly in April. However, with these new ideas, I'm really looking forward to a couple of nights in a tent and sleeping bag.


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Tips for Staying Toasty While You Sleep on Your Next Camping Trip