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Tips on How to Increase Reload Speed [VIDEO]

Trying to increase your reload speed? Here are some tips from Dave Spaulding.

Whether locked in a fight for your life or trying to shave a few seconds off your time in competition, reload speed is key to getting a job done.

Keeping your gun running and fed with rounds could make the difference between life or death. So what are some ideas on how to increase your reload speed when the time counts?

Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives probably has your answer. Author of a book by the same name and the founder of the Handgun Combatives Training Program, Dave has taught law enforcement, military and civilians the skills necessary to “Be active participants in our own Rescue.”

Dave and Panteao Productions have teamed up to bring you this video on how to increase your reload speed. We will let Dave take it from here.

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Tips on How to Increase Reload Speed [VIDEO]