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‘Tiny Home Adventure’ Just Keeps Getting Better [VIDEO]

Tiny Home Adventure Episode 2
Image via Screenshot

Tiny Home Adventure is back with another great episode showing just how much fun you can have in a minimalist’s paradise.

Andrew Muse is back at it with Episode 2 of “Tiny Home Adventure,” a show where he is traveling the country in a 1976 Dynacruiser Truck Camper searching out all of the outdoor adventures that most of us only dream of.

In the episode below, Muse manages to go snowboarding, longboarding, rappelling, kayaking, and sightseeing all within a show that has been edited down to under seven minutes.


It looks like Muse is making great use of his time and has also become quite adept with his GoPro cameras and has managed to get some outstanding footage out of them. Stay tuned for more episodes of “Tiny Home Adventure” coming mid-June.

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‘Tiny Home Adventure’ Just Keeps Getting Better [VIDEO]