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In Times Like These, Open Carry is Not the Way

For those of us who take personal protection seriously, open carry just doesn’t work anymore.

Our American right to protect ourselves with firearms has never been more under threat than what we face today.

In light of recent global events, and also happenings in our own backyard, deciding to carry a firearm has also never been more necessary. When it comes to personal protection, you can choose to legally conceal your weapon or, where allowed, carry it on your hip for the world to see.

But I’ve got one request for all carriers, and it stems from a recent experience I had that really put the situation into perspective.

Please…please, stop with the open carry.

Recently, I was out shopping on Black Friday while standing in line at front of a major electronics store. Like many others, I was there to buy a new TV.

A man was also standing in line near me, and he had a gun on his hip. It caught my eye, but the reaction of others around him was what really piqued my attention.


People all around him were visibly nervous. Soon, a police officer showed up, questioned him, checked his permit, and proceeded to allow him to go on his way.

That caused even more people to become upset that the guy had a gun.

The whole time, I was quietly concealed carrying, as well as others in that line, I’m sure.

Here is my issue. This guy wanted the world to know he had a gun. He made it clear to anyone who looked at him that he “wasn’t going to be a victim like those poor people in Paris,” or that he was “making everyone around him safer.”

Unfortunately (and likely unintentionally), he, and many like him, are the reason anti-gun people have so much fuel for their fires. In my opinion, this guy just wanted to show off, plain and simple. There’s no real difference in concealed and open carry, at least in terms of how well you’re protected.

I do apologize if you are a staunch open carry supporter. However, we sometimes forget that we have to be considerate about the people around us, as well as their opinions, emotions, and reactions.

Trust me, I’m with you. I try not to get hung up on other’s opinions. I could care less what anyone around me thinks about anything, almost all of the time. However, when it comes to guns, this kind of thinking has to change. Because of horrible current events, guns are in the spotlight everywhere, and we need to do what we can to dim the light.

Lets face it, a lot of people are nervous around guns. They may be 100 percent indifferent about a person’s right to carry, but one bad experience, as illustrated above, could push them to vote for the politician that is crazy about gun control. With what we see on TV, how can you blame them?


With concealed carry, we still get our guns, nothing changes. However, public perception could, with time and effort.

Think of it as a “didn’t see it, didn’t happen” philosophy. One thing I can promise you: an open carry civilian isn’t going to convince somebody on the fence that it’s a good idea.

I carry everywhere I go, and the only person that ever knows is my wife. Beyond that, it’s nobody else’s business. We both believe in the right to protect yourself, those you love, and even anti-gun strangers if they are in peril. However, I don’t believe we have the right to shove our ability to protect ourselves with guns on those around us who may not feel the same way.

Besides, as much as our current political system won’t admit it, an armed citizenry is critical to curbing crime and stopping another Paris-style attack in America. When criminals don’t know who has a gun and who doesn’t, the likelihood of them trying something drops dramatically. When they can see your gun, you become a target. You have already shown them your hand. If anything, you are setting yourself up to be the first victim.

All in all, can we agree it’s time we get smart about this? Lord knows the fight is just beginning, but we can take small steps now to win out in the long run.


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In Times Like These, Open Carry is Not the Way